Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Countdown begins…

Vidur’s exams are from March 8 – and Mi, he made a plan for three days of study – as today, tomorrow and Monday are off. It is Id-Milaad today, tomorrow’s Sunday and Monday is Holi. Do you remember how, in 1980, on Holi, we didn’t open the door at all? Then some students of yours came down all the way to Picket from Ramchandrapuram and somehow managed to get silver paint in your hair! What a pain it was to get it off! 🙂 Much later, we were a little luckier in AWHO – after all, I was older and we refused to show our faces outside the house the whole day. Gokul, Bobby, Iyer and all were so mad at us 🙂 What fun days those were!
As a child, I’d be too scared to step out into the revelry of Holi in our building at Kalyan Nivas and instead, would play with Gopu mama’s collar bone “pockets” pouring safe color made of turmeric mixed with water, kumkum mixed with water –  into them. Real weirdos eh? ha ha.

I just realized you will not see Vidur going to school in full pants from April 🙁 There are so many things you will seem to miss – but I hope, seriously, that you’re watching. We show your photo everything. Remember that large black and white pic of you looking up at something which we got framed? Well – first we framed you, now we’ve hung you! Bad joke? 🙁 We used to laugh at this – when we talked about framing Ganesha and then hanging him. But then we laughed at everything!

Vidur has Suraiya down on paper fantastically.  He refuses to let me scan and post it here. Sigh. Maybe some day. But the sketches are precious, Mi. They look superb. So do the sketches for his ‘book’. What detail! Am amazed. I really must get him a set of good drawing pencils. Hey Mi – by the way – they had prize distribution for CCA activities yesterday and Vidur got his First Prize certificates and prizes for Hindi Recitation and Hindi Skit. Guess what they gave? A nice pen (of course he was sad that Shalini got purple color and he got black :-)) and the other prize was – hold your breath, baby – a book. And the book is? “One night at the call-center” by Chetan Bhagat. That’s an Arjun Kann for you. Can you believe it? I have a good mind to make a noise about this at the school. Our boy is asking me what f-u-c-k and ‘showing the middle finger’ mean. Talk about being educative!! Hrrrrmph!! I can just see you laughing your head off!

You know, since yesterday morning I have a horrible headache that wont go away. Could be the weather – and then again, I am also feeling a cold coming up in my head. One too many sips of the Fanta from the fridge? Maybe. It is disgustingly hot. I was imagining you fanning yourself with that Horlicks card – with Vidur sneaking into the range of the air from it 🙂 and then it would turn out that you are fanning his face and that’s about it! The Arab and the Vidur! 😀

I put the Spongebob bedsheet on that bed in your/his room now. Hey – he watches Thangam most days – and keeps the TV on after that – and Sury told him to make sure he tells you what’s happening. And then immediately looked lost! We all looked at each other feeling sheepish.

Mi, keep watching us. I find it so ridiculous when people tell us ‘we’ll get over it’, ‘in a year you’ll all feel better’ and all that nonsense. See – we’ll never ‘get over’ your passing away. But, we will live life normally. After all, you are the Queen of moving on. 🙂 You taught me well, babe. And for those who think my sense of humor ought to take a backseat when am grieving, then I know what to show them, don’t I?

Here’s today’s pic. I cropped it chill off the egestras. What fun that Jhoola was, no? 😀 Never ever forget that Murthy eh? Crazy dude.

Vidya Sury

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