Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Believe it or not!

As usual, I started the online day with a look at a lovely quote. And thought it was so appropriate for the wonderful relationships in our life.

I can’t believe that a week has gone by since you left us. This time last Monday, I dropped Vidur at school as usual with idli in his lunch box. Then, since mama was here, amidst a lot of chatting, organized pooshnika sambar and vendekka curry, with rice, papad and curd for our lunch. Thereafter, bathed and was just exiting the bathroom when the phone rang. During that past week from Feb 3, we’d jump out of our collective skin each time any of our phones rang, fearing it was the hospital, because a call from the hospital did not bode well for us.

But as it happened, it was bad news…and we rushed out of the house. Sury banged his elbow while locking the door – and believes that is precisely the moment you must have stopped breathing, since by the time we reached the hospital, the doctors informed us you had breathed your last. For a few moments we were all quite frozen. Then, Sury rushed to Vidur’s school to bring him from there. After that – we mobilized finishing the hospital procedures and taking you to St Johns Medical College. You know, throughout that day, in spite of having to interact with so many people to get things done, we did not hear a single harsh word from anyone. And that, I believe is your greatness.

When I returned from school today after dropping Vidur off, I was waiting for the lift in our building and I felt so bad that you would never see that the entire basement has been repainted stark white. Either side of the lift has granite tiling. Remember how often we used to get mad about the state of the walls – and then you would always take the childrens’ side for justifying dirtying the walls? Sigh. Just like we were discussing the Saturday before last – there is now a Big Bazaar near Malleswaram Circle. I was remembering all those fun visits we had – each one so memorable for us.

My tummy’s a bit upset today and I don’t know why. Probably reliving the last two weeks. But mi, even though you’ve physically left us, we keep referring to you all the time because you really lived life with total involvement. Even our house seems empty and too large without you.

Now who will tell me to have a coffee – aaraam sey?

Vidya Sury

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