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A New Era

I am feverishly searching for that little diary in which I fervently wrote down our very own home recipes in shorthand. We NEED pulikachal – you know that bottle has come to the stage where we can only wipe it. We were planning to make it on Feb 3 – but life just turned upside down after that. I don’t want to be morbid, but – I have to make the pulikachal now, like it or not. I will resume the search once power comes back (its the usual powercut).

Sury thinks through trial and error I can easily arrive at the right combo first time. How, pray? Pulikachal is a sacred thing for us 😀 and it is either perfect – just the way you make it – or not. I don’t want to ask anyone in the family because I’ve been thoroughly spoilt by the way you taught me to make things.

Sadly, you never once let me handle the pulikachal alone. I realized that just being your sous-chef was not good enough for certain things. I usually consider myself clever enough to figure things out – after all, our Iyer samayal is as simple as it is tasty. Yet – a big Sigh. Our pulikachal is such a fantastic standby and dearly loved by all of us. Somehow this week I must make it. I will, am sure – and I have this feeling that I will get it right first time, just like Sury says. The good part is, Vidur never thinks that now that you are no longer there, certain things won’t be available. He thinks now it is I who will automatically make all those. And maybe it is that vested confidence and trust that keeps my spirits up.

Through next week, I plan to make the podis. For that I must sit down and plan the ingredients so that I can do the roasting at a stretch. We urgently need the dosai molagapodi, parupu podi and ellu podi which Vidur loves. What else will he eat with rice, eh?Jeera Milagu we can wait for a little longer.

These days I make lime rice often – probably overcome with guilt over the non availability of the tamarind rice. Apparently the gojju is available ready made. But my mind is not strong enough, yet, to try it. I’d rather make it. Sentiment!! I have heard that the Grand Sweets concoctions are very good. Maybe will check them out when we visit Chennai next. No harm knowing 😀

It is Saturday already – and Feb 20. We’ve arranged for breakfast and dinner at the Seva Sadan Orphanage today. Next week we plan to go to ISKCON and make that contribution to the akshayapatra scheme, that feeds more than a lakh of underprivileged children in the remote areas. I know you’ll be happy about that. Am also sorting out clothes and stuff for Goonj. Lets see how that pans out. Who knows, I might end up carrying something each time I go out and give it to someone who needs it – like we used to do before. There is no dearth of the needy around. Oh, I just remembered the Sai Baba temple across the railway track! Perhaps I ought to drop by with some stuff on a Thursday – what say? Hmm.

Tight day for Vidur today – school then quick lunch at home, then music class, then we have to go get some stuff for his ‘work experience class’ on Monday. As usual, some complex velvet paper concoction. If he does come up with something with the material, I will post a pic here :-D. After that we may go over to the Seva Sadan if Sury is back in time. Paakalaam.

Adios for now.

Vidya Sury

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