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A time to remember

A time to remember Vidya Sury

Today, while channel-surfing casually–I was waiting to open the cooker–I came across DD airing MS Subbulakshmi’s Bhaja Govindam, Mi! She would have been 100 years old today, you know. Oh, that dear charming face, the gorgeous voice! How wonderful it was to listen. As the song played I quickly got...



tiny shoes vidya sury

These days, my middle name is Maudlin, Mi. Yes. Foolishly sentimental and emotional. Perhaps being a Mom does that to me. Although, why not? You loved me as much as, if not more than I love my son, so you’d understand. Good ol’ unconditional love. It has this freaky habit...


Something Beginning With N

And it is N for Nostalgia. Walks to the milk booth at 5 am in the morning, reciting nursery rhymes Being told that God blessed me each time there was a breeze and a leaf fell on my head Asking me to smile, even through the tears A brand new...

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