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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

A Tisket A Tasket

I’ve been bursting to show off to you since the past three days, Mi, but I got busy with a million little things. Still, I simply have to blow my trumpet, you know.

For once, last week, I made a list of tiskets and taskets and actually checked them all off. I say “for once” because of late, I’ve not been able to do a 10/10. Sure, an 8/10 but rarely the perfect score.

So anyway, I am into cleaning with a bit of a vengeance now. Also “nikalo-ing” things. There are days I lay awake worrying what I’ll do with all the accumulated stuff. Yeah, I’ve ranted about this before and the time has come to take action.

I no longer collect dry garbage. I simply dispose on a daily basis now. No more keep cute boxes to reuse. So irritating to store them and dust them and never get around to using them you know.

Sometimes I freak out when I realize that the days are turning into weeks turning into months..and so on. And I feel as though time is running out.

What was I saying? So yeah – polishing my trumpet – I sweep mop dust regularly. And I am happy to report that besides being the cheapest workout ever, it is a total win win as usual. Also with the weather being so disgustingly hot and humid, it feels good to play in the water. As you might have guessed, hand washing clothes also don’t pile up.

By the way, we can’t step into the balcony barefoot you know? Unless there’s water puddling around when we wash it. The soles of our feet become toast! When we pour a few mugs of water and spread it before mopping it, it dries so quickly it is like magic, Mi!

While sweeping, I moved the beach umbrella in its packing and fondly remembered fondly those days when we put it up in the balcony for Vidur to play. Of course, we also had bed sheets on the clothesline shielding him from the heat.

I still enjoy walking among the clothes after I hang them out to dry. The sun shining down on them, the fragrance of washing soap, all create a lovely ambiance you know! Especially the sheets probably because of the area they cover, bringing coolness with them! And how wonderful when we bring them in and change the bed sheets! Nothing like freshly laundered sheets!

So that’s how it is. I am finding myself being forced to take days off work when there are other things to attend to. March and April are always busy like that. But better busy than not, right? What if I was the type of person who thought my life purpose was cooking and then vegging in front of the tv watching mindless junk? We’ll never know, shall we? He he he.

Okay today’s the first of April. Your birthday month. Sigh.

Miss you. And miss your hug.

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