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Papaya, Podi, and Peace

So I woke up all enthused and energetic about doing things in the kitchen. I had ordered some groceries so I thought I’d put that away first. As much work as it is getting a list together and placing the order, it is also a big chore to put everything away.

But I must admit that even though it is convenient to get home delivery, nothing beats the joy of actually going to the shop, browsing around and buying stuff, and peggying it all back home. I do miss those days.

Smiling at total strangers who are actually not strangers because I saw them around regularly, generally people watching without participating in any conversations, and just taking my surroundings in. Sigh. Wonder when we’ll be able to do that.

How I loved coming back home to see you sitting, reading, with the door open so I wouldn’t have to fumble for the keys! You would have coffee waiting and then we would both sort the purchases out, laughing, joking.

These days, even when the doorbell rings we wear a mask before opening it.

So once I put away the groceries, I decided to roast the ingredients for the vendaya podi (methi/fenugreek seeds). I feel it is the best way to keep ourselves healthy. Fortunately you have written down the recipe in The Diary. Gosh, the fragrance enveloped me in such a heavenly fragrance! had to turn on the exhaust fan, though as the others found it disturbing. Still, happy the living room has a gentle residue. Crazy no?

I am mainly making it for Vidur but you know we’ll all enjoy it. Oh, hot rice, ghee, and podi. Yum. Thinking of Tanu, too. How she enjoyed your podis.
Do you remember how I once had viral fever and refused to go to the doc? The five-day diet of vendaya podi healed me, helping my body fight-making it a staple in our kitchen shelf. I am sorry I was such a lousy patient on the rare occasions I fell sick. Hehe. Not at all repentant as you can see.

Oh, I got a green papaya four days back. Kept checking it like a baby every day, morning and evening. And this morning, lo and behold, perfectly ripe. I feel such a great sense of achievement when that happens. I peeled it, cut it and put it away in the fridge, but not before loading a big bowl for my breakfast. I just love papaya for breakfast. Remember how you loved it too? I guess it feels wonderful because every delicious piece literally makes us healthier. I just wish I could get Vidur to eat it. He’s not a fan. 

Incidentally, I can’t for the life of me remember where I kept that other peeler I used to prefer. I use the one you used to use. I just wish it were wider you know. When peeling larger fruits, the ends of the blade furrow into the flesh and it is so annoying when that happens. Hmm. Annyways. I suppose I will find it when it feels like showing itself!

Okay I am going to make my second cup of coffee now. Somehow I feel I deserve it more, today. And then, I’ll keep the cooker. Planning to make parangikkai (red pumpkin) vetha kozhambu and vazhakkai (plantain) curry – I’ll slice and roast it the way Vidur likes it. Oh, whenever I make vatha kozhambu I recall how he used to sit in the verandah in that CV Raman Nagar flat and enjoy the vatha kozhambu – with the vendayam (fenugreek) and black mustard seeds that he called “bindhi” One and half years old and what a bundle of joy he was! Sigh.

Some days I survive on memories, you know. Nostalgia keeps me together.

Podi – powder

bindhi – that dot on the forehead. The black mustard looked like one to the toddler.

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