Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Facts Stranger Than…

Weird week, Mi. You won’t believe the things I did.

I drank hot water, and liked it. I heard your laughter with every sip I took.

I avoided coffee and opted for tea instead. (Gasp!)

Truth is, I couldn’t taste a thing and thought the ginger-lemon-pepper-honey combo would do me more good in helping me heal. Funny thing is, after three days, I could only taste the coffee’s comforting bitterness, so I am sticking to enjoying the first cup and going easy on the extra doses. I will wait to recover fully before reverting to my coffee habits. So for the time being, I will not measure out my life with coffee spoons. Remember that song with the TS Eliot quote?

Someday I’ll have a disappearing hairline..

Some day I’ll wear pajamas in the daytime..

Hahaha, I am already there! I actually wanted to play “mmm mmm mmmm mmmm” for you, but chose this instead! I quite like this song. So upbeat!

As I dozed quite a bit, being unable to sit up, I had all kinds of funny daydreams you know. Old memories drifted in and out of my head. For some reason, I remembered the box of thin mintz chocolate you enjoyed so much. I think we kept the box for quite some time, storing little things in it. Earlier this year when Sury visited Switzerland, he brought back some nice chocolates that Vidur and I enjoyed. Yes, I. And yes, we talked about all our chocolate memories with you every time we opened this box. I am always amused at how disciplined Vidur is with chocolate. I mean, even I can’t resist and have zero control when there’s something I love. But he, oh boy, he can stop right there and save it for the next day. I wonder if it also explains why I can never keep a lozenge in my mouth and have to crunch it instantly while you and he were able to enjoy it until it naturally melted in your mouths. Crazy!

By the way I ordered a gas lighter. Yes, our almost 35-year-old gas lighter has finally decided to be moody. Except, I can’t afford that moodiness with a gas stove. Sigh. Just gearing myself up to scrub the stove. So tempting to buy a new one, but these days my mantra is, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Talking of aged, I must super-scrub the coffee filter bottom. There is a trace of build up. And while I may covet all the swanky coffee makers in the world, my loyalty will always be with our little coffee filter for as long as I live.

Oh, that blue swivel chair broke, finally. And it looks like it will cost more than the price of a new chair to fix it. The painful thing now is it is a repository in the computer room, loaded with this and that. And another of our dining table chairs has become multi-purpose.

Gosh, today’s convo is all about repairs–personal and thing-wise, no? Wish you were here.

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