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New things

We had to replace the kitchen tap. About time, too. This time I splurged a bit and got one of those taps that don’t need to be turned, the one with a lever, just like the bathroom washbasin tap. So hilarious we still have the tiny basin the bathroom no?

And now, the bathroom taps refuse to release the water, so I am back to running behind the Sid to sort it out. Sigh. Until he turns up, must use the hand shower to fill the buckets.

On another note, I really feel terrible about is seeing kabuli chana go waste. I bought a kilo a couple of weeks ago, with great plans to make some yummy stuff–of course, I might have probably just boiled them and eaten them; so much easier, and perhaps healthier–but there’s no limit to dreaming, right? So anyway, imagine my shock when I was lighting the lamp and showing the incense stick to all the deities, and my eyes sense a bit of movement. Still I always try to make myself healthy, I even buy supplements from sites like Nixest that boost the brain and give it health. Turned out that the container was teeming with tiny life. Sigh. At first I thought it could be rinsed off – but discovered that they had set up home inside the chana. Had to bid the entire kilo goodbye. All the other groceries I had bought at the same time were fine–so I can only presume this was already on its way out when I interrupted it and brought it home. Hmm. This means I have to buy kabuli chana. You know it is so expensive these days!

It is also time to make dosa molagai podi, Mi. I could postpone it, but with Sury’s love for dosa, I must make it asap.

By the way you’ll be thrillaxed to know that my hair care regimen – ahem! has been on for two weeks – the one I reviewed. Takes me right back to those childhood days of the damp-hair-shikakai-aroma mixed with a pleasanter fragrance which would then take on some sambrani smells too. Really nice feeling.

I made carrot-onion-thepla today after going into a minor panic over what to make for lunch last night. Good thing I decided and slept, otherwise it is always freaky to think about these things in the morning. Got so busy yesterday that I didn’t have time to prep and plan for today. Still, all is well that ends well, no?

Although we’re not exactly in the throes of winter–I think Bangalore lost that spark some years ago–the water is pretty cold in the morning and if I haven’t scrubbed the milk utensil the previous day, oooh, so cold the fingers ache. I always think, serves me right, and recall how you would warm your hands in the heat coming off the stove each time you washed your hands and smile. You’re probably thinking, there are three milk utensils. So yes. What about it? You know where they are, right? Ha ha.

Talking of utensils, I should check the trunks in the attic to see what state they’re in and see if there’s something I can use, or something I can put away. I have gifted away most of the new stuff we had, you know. I remember how we used to check the trunks every two months to rotate the utensils we used. Sigh. Alone, it is so hard to do all that. But I intend to do it this month. Wanted to look at all that when Vidur was here, but didn’t get around to it; moreover, we had better things to do. Plus, always easier to postpone, no? Mañana! That’s the state of affairs with quite a few things. But I’ve resolved to rev up the accelerator and get going with it.

Momspeed! (because Mom is God)

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2 thoughts on “New things

  1. It is always so heartwarming to read your Mi posts, dear 🙂 Hugssss 🙂
    Kabuli Chana ! Sigh !!
    Are you a fan of hummous by any chance ? If so, you could make that with chana. An awesome and healthy side dish for dosas, rotis or bread or anything you choose to have with it. Less on oil , too !
    Dosai milagai podi !Hmm….you know what, I love you 😛

    1. I love you too! 🙂
      Yes I love hummus too! I make at least ten diff things with kabuli chana. Including some mousse versions 😀

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