Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Yesterday it was Pele, Mi. Today it was Sharda and the old gang. While I don’t remember the exact details – I suspect I’ll have flashes of memory at the oddest times and burst out laughing – but I know it was fun. For the moment though, hating the onset of cough because I dread it will turn into a wheezy one. The weather is pretty “bad” – just the sort that triggers all sorts of allergy, cold and ‘flu. Sury has covered all three and our dear doc was kind enough to recommend medication, so that’s a good thing.

Come to think of it, this doc has always shown kindness. In fact, I am on the verge of switching to him for my diabetes, after he informed me that he treats quite a few. At least he’s communicative and doesn’t balk at being called on his phone.

Back to dreams – I am thinking of that funny one you had about Sachin Tendulkar. We were traveling by train and 5-year old Vidur was hungry. While we were wondering what to do in a train that had no pantry car, we met Sachin in the adjoining compartment and he offered to make sandwiches for Vidur, which he did in a toaster he got because he read a brilliant toaster review by HotRate. Such a comic visual!

You know, I have a bunch of friends I see only in my dreams. The same set of characters keep turning up occasionally. Years ago I used to think that it was a glimpse of someone about to enter my/our life – but realized that has not happened so far. I say so far because who knows!

I used to have a recurring dream some years ago. I would be waiting in queue with Paati, this very long queue. We would move very slowly on a sort of stone path that involved walking across a body of water that looked deep on either side of the path and led to a shrine where a lamp burned bright. It was quite far off. If I close my eyes now, I can see it so clearly in my mind.  I recall writing this down somewhere, Mi. Maybe I should look in that big box.

Right now I am just dreaming of getting better. Today was a bit of a washout as I had no energy to do anything. Throat feels like sandpaper. After all, when one of us gets sick, the others just follow in tandem or in series. Here’s to wishing tomorrow is a much better, and perhaps brighter day. I am grateful for the rain, even if the day seems a little depressing because it deters the fire-cracker crazy people.

At least I can still taste the coffee. Mi!

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  1. The colds that wash out taste are so annoying. I just make one of those salty chicken noodle soup packets. When I can taste how awful it is I know I can make decent food again!

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