Coffee, Scrubbing, Painting

Coffee, Scrubbing, Painting

Whenever I have a cup of instant coffee I really shouldn’t be having in the afternoon, but can’t resist, I fondly remember our “4 o’clock” ritual. You’d see  me looking harassed and quickly heat the milk and bring me a steaming yellow mug of coffee that you’d insist I dropped whatever I was doing, and sat down to enjoy it. Just then Vidur would come running for something very urgent and you’d grab him and hold him while he wriggled until you heard the last sip go down my throat. Remember how I would annoy you by slurping it loudly?

Since the marathon powercuts have started, I am tackling the myriad things I’ve been meaning to do around the house even as I spring clean. Well, my version of spring clean anyway. Start with a bang, then settle down with something that I am seeing after a long time and waste the next few hours, guilty but happy! This time I am trying to be better, wiser. I’ve got lists that can be completed in 10 min, 15 min, 30 min. The longer duration thingies have to be scheduled specifically – like cleaning my closet. Oh, don’t think I am done with it yet. Ha!

So one of the 30 minute things on my list was scrubbing the door – your room door. Now who scrubs a door? Obviously me. The stickers that went on it years ago were beginning to look pathetic. Half peeled off and anyway, time to clean up, no? So I took off the cellotaped SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer sticker sheets and kept them away, carefully.

Then, I got a mug of soap water and a sheet of scotchbrite and scrubbed away. Also needed the magic steel scrub to get some of it off. Wonder why the cheapest stuff is always the most stubbornest to come off! Each sticker brought back warm memories of a little Vidur insisting on filling my arm with those tattoos. And he did. I’d go to work with my arms looking freaky and the folks there would be so amused. One of them even wondered how I put up with it. Vidur’s joy was priceless and there ended the argument, if there was one in the first place.

Finally the door looks its original color and now I am tempted to paint it a different one. I plan to go around making a note of what else I want to paint. Oh, this is exciting!

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