Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Testing Times

Today marks the beginning of testing times for Vidur. Exam season, which will extend for the next six months or so. This is the first one setting the pace for the rest of them.

Today is also school reopening day after the ten day Navaratri holiday. After he left, I pottered around the house doing the usual things. Did I tell you I make ragi idli quite often? Funny how we never used ragi before. Now it has become a regular, thanks to the diabetes. It is not so bad really.

Happy that lunch was ready I decided to cut up the salad. I stuck my hand into the bag to take out the cucumber, carrot and capsicum. My plan was to also add shredded cabbage and tomatoes and make it a nice mixed platter. So imagine my shock when my little finger hit something in the bag and started bleeding! Eeks. It is that vulnerable space between the nail and the finger pad. It hurt like hell. I ran some water over it and then, put a drop of oil on it, hoping it would stop smarting.

Unfortunately, I had yet to catch up with the sink clearing and oh well, got on with it. Remembered how Meenakshi Manni would also say that when we have mouth ulcers, we should eat really hot stuff to zap it out! Ugh.

Life happens, eh?

I tried my best to see the good stuff, the silver linings. The salad was great. I had some fabulous coffee to look forward to, later. Vidur was really sweet – he’s so kind that I almost believed that the love would make the hurt feel better. It did. Well almost, because realistically, that blood clot needs a couple of days to heal. Hmm.

Still, can’t complain. Sometimes we just have to see the big picture and be grateful.

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