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Ambitious Goals

As the deadline I set myself draws nearer, I am thinking, planning, making lists, Mi. I really want to accomplish what I’ve noted down by October 31, or at least get as close to doing it as possible.

Ten things I must finish this coming week:

  1. Tackle the 7 coconuts by planning various items. Even as I procrastinate over what to do with it, I am thinking of grating all of them and storing them in the freezer. That makes sense, right? Once grated, I can use them for anything.
  2. Sort out the papers I’ve collected in the boxes. I’ve got them in the middle of the room in the study so they’re a constant reminder! But the way some days turn out, I just feel so pissy. Can you believe when I told Vidur yesterday about how I had to go through every box to search for the laptop papers, he actually asked me if I had sorted the boxes out as I looked through them? Reminded me of you so much. And I felt proud of myself when I didn’t snap at him. Instead, I answered sweetly saying my goal was to find the papers not sort the boxes. Bah!
  3. Make a plan for next month’s writing – NaNoWriMo will be here! I am so excited! Never mind that I am behind with this month’s stuff…but hey. What is life without an overload and overambitious goals?
  4. Clear out my wardrobe and make bags to give away.
  5. That cupboard in the bedroom, gosh. Like our government’s five-year plan, it keeps extending. I have disposed off some stuff, still, it is never-ending! I really must clear it out as I need the extra storage!
  6. Manage my time better – social media is such a time-suck. So is email. So I must restrict my time and plan so I can get things done. Otherwise, I have just no idea where the time went and have nothing to show for it. Guilt is all that remains and that’s not a good thing.
  7. Clean up kitchen. Get rid of extras. Already in process.
  8. Paint the shoe-shelf and pots. Also consider painting the bathroom walls and remodel your bathtub with Bathtub Refinishing Pro. Not sure if I’ll achieve this in Oct, but what’s to stop me from planning?
  9. Clean out fridge. I am already half way there.
  10. Develop the habit of sleeping earlier. I really must do this. Today, I ditched the computer at 7 pm and enjoyed a leisurely dinner and then watched tv for an hour. Felt real good. I could live with that!

So that’s my plan, Mi. Let’s see how successful I am. I am motivated and inspired. I also want to focus time on some hobbies. I get the feeling that time is running out. Crazy eh? It is a good feeling, though. And,of course, I am following this principle diligently!

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