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Some Days!

I tell you, some days are just a total washout. Today, after I went and got veggies and groceries, I was all set to follow my list and check off the items and feel good. So okay, lists always make me feel good! Just the fact that I’ve got it all planned and organized is so motivating, I find I finish things fast.

So I got home, made breakfast, ate and settled down to work after putting away the stuff that needed to go into the fridge.

I started work.

Half an hour later, I wanted to write something down in my book – and when I opened it, found I had made a note – to email the laptop guys for the warranty clarification. Anyway, I’ve been having issues with it, so I thought why not get that sorted out, expecting it to take only 5 or ten minutes, at most.

I realized I need the invoice number and warranty details and looked for them where I thought they would be. I found the warranty paper but not the invoice. When I checked their website, which is very resourceful, I saw they needed this info.

And so began my search saga. I searched everywhere. the little draw, the two chests of drawers, the boxes of paper, but nix.

Finally, I saw the clock and was shocked to find I had been doing this for more than an hour! Annoyed with myself, I started getting worked up. Then realizing that would do zero for my well-being, just sat down, tried to sensibly think where the ‘eck the paper could be. I idly picked up the warranty paper…then suddenly remembered I’d seen some values written on the paper attached to it. Jeez. The invoice was attached to this paper – except I didn’t expect it to look the way it did. I had been busy looking for an envelope with the document. What total crap!

So anyway, I had to take a break to go out and decided to tackle it peacefully when I returned in an hour. By that time, of course, it was lunch time and after Vidur and I had finished eating and clearing up, I settled down to going through the process. I shot off two emails, one for the warranty and one for the problem and got responses to both. I now have to take action on the warranty email and try the problem-fix.

By the time I was through with it, it was 4 pm!

Some things do eat up so many hours and I only got to work for an hour before having to go for my walk.


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