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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Celebrating the little things

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Winnie the Pooh certainly had it right. I often think that the smallest things can be cozily tucked away, occupying loving space within our being, promptly showing up to encourage us when we feel low, bringing an involuntary smile to our faces – and our spirit.

I feel this at various times during the day, Mi, in the things I do. When I light the lamp and pray in the morning, I think of you and how we enjoyed that first coffee in the verandah. Vidur would join us and pray to the sun, with his eyes shut tight and look so comically earnest. Then Sury would ask him if God understood English, evoking an exasperated response from him.

The days I make idli, I remember how relieved you would feel about not having to plan breakfast, as we could make extra and have those. I grin to myself as I remove the idli stack, recalling how we were once too broke to celebrate something, and stuck a candle in an idli instead.

On laundry days, I recall how you’d save all the blue clips for Vidur’s clothes. I still follow that. In fact I hang out the clothes to dry in a similar order – as if it matters, but nevertheless, it warms my heart with happy thoughts.

Each time I see a coconut, my mouth waters, thinking of those chutney days. We would make enough to preserve for 2-3 days and relish it with everything!

Ah, tea in the afternoon. When we enjoy the afternoon or evening tea, we always talk about our fake High Teas when we used that special teapot on its tray, with the ethnic cups – tea or coffee accompanied by our favorite snacks.

And then, there are the little things that come at unexpected times that I’ve come to appreciate. Things like Vidur bringing me a glass of milk at night. Sury quietly tackling a list of to-dos that overwhelm me. Both of them pitching in and encouraging me when I am racing to a deadline. One of them replacing the kitchen towel. Refilling the biscuit or rusk tin. Sury handwashing my kurtas – what lovely surprises!

And the loveliest of all – on a Sunday – after lunch, Vidur setting up my laptop for me in the living room, bringing me the book I am reading currently, plumping up some cushions on my favorite sofa and then settling himself down with his stuff and offering to tickle my soles – as I prepare to blissfully doze off!

So many smiles to remember, repeat and enjoy on a daily basis! They make life worth living!

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Vidya Sury

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating the little things

  1. I am borrowing Vidur for life 🙂 what a treat it must be to have him around 🙂 and Vidya your posts about your family they warm my heart so much. I absolutely adore your writing about the small things you all enjoy and celebrate almost everyday.

    Your happiness jar is already a rage 😀

    Keep writing about such things so that we can continue to enjoy 🙂


    1. Hehehe, Richa! Borrow Vidur? Hmm. No way! 😀 What you could do is come and spend time with us – you are welcome!

      I love that the Happiness Jar is a rage! I know it has made a big difference in many peoples’ lives. Sometimes the small things make such a diff!

      😀 Hugs!

  2. Idlis got me thinking of you rolling idlis in ghee podi for Vidur’s tiffin in what seems like ages ago!
    We remember the little things, don’t we? 🙂

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