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Book Review: Just Married, Please Excuse

Vidya Sury Book Review    ISBN13 9789350292273
    Language English
    Format: Paperback
   Genre: Humor / Could we call this fiction?
   Published by Harpers Collins Publishers Inda
    Price: Rs.199/-

Just Married, Please Excuse is Yashodhara Lal’s debut novel and quite a delightful read which I enjoyed, in one sitting. Okay, when a book is gripping, I can’t put it down until I finish it. I read this book even as I roasted, ground and prepared masalas in the kitchen, because both were priorities in my mind. At the time. 

The story

“Caution, Marriage ahead!” is how Yashodhara, a big-city /MBA/Corporate executive feels when her boyfriend, Vijay, proposes marriage to her. Yashodhara is from a “modern” family in Delhi while Vijay comes from a “conventional” family in Jaipur. What ensues is a detailed and fun account of their lives, their wedding, some “tamper tentrums” as they tackle life together,  their charming interaction with their friends and family, the arrival of their daughter Peanut aka Anoushka, and Y’s post partum blues, followed by the welcome all-is-well-that-ends-well. We also meet their “help” Zarreena, Kajal and Vinod, their quirky friend Vivi and their marriage counselor. Last and definitely not least, are the very likeable parents from both sides. The story is set in Bangalore and Mumbai with visits to Jaipur and Delhi.

I love how the author brings out the fact that two people can be as different as chalk from cheese and be utterly in love. Yet, life is not perfect; – but if they’re willing to make a relationship work, everything can turn out just fine. The journey can be beautiful.  Oh, and it takes time for marriages to settle down. Living with a person is quite different when married to them. When babies come along, there are so many adjustments to make, as is evident from the way she describes, making it sound hilarious. Because, seriously, as time goes by, it is the good things that remain in our memory.

I really enjoyed reading the little details – they are something we can all identify with. And yes, I have followed the same method of diaper checking to know if it needs to be changed. That brought back some fun memories!

Yashodhara’s character-sketch of each person in the book is great – she brings them to life. I found myself thinking “I know someone like that” as I “met” each person in the book!. My folks were startled several times to hear me laughing out loud as I read the book.

 The best thing was the generous dose of humor, as the totally believable and realistic account of various situations unfold through the book in a very charming way. I think the little misunderstanding at the end of the book was a nice touch.

Yashodhara is a wonderful writer who, I hope, will write many more books. Her easy writing style is so very refreshing and it is easy to see glimpses of my own life as she narrates hers. I am very glad that she took her grandmother’s advice “to have a talent like writing and not use it is a Sin Against God”. 

Just Married, Please Excuse by Yashodhara Lal is a great read. I enjoyed it very much!

About Yashodhara LalYashodhara Lal is the author of Just Married, Please excuse, the hilarious story about the marriage between two opposites. She is a Marketing Professional, Mom of three and lives in Delhi.  She has been a blogger since 2006 and a part of the Indiblogger network for almost as long. She credits her blogging as a key factor in helping her become a published author, and is passionate about helping talented writers get the same break.

Thank you, Indiblogger, for sending me an autographed review copy of the book.

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  1. A very interesting post that made me look for the novel…I can relate our lives in Pakistan to the novel you introduced.

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