It’s summer vacation for Vidur and he delights me in some ways every day. He also drives me nuts, but then – just like most humans I know, I prefer to remember the good things because the maddening things are learning points for both of us.  Yes, both – because it teaches me patience and reminds me he’s still a child who’s learning stuff – and for him, – well, he is a child who’s learning stuff, even if he’s way smarter in many ways than I am. It all comes with the privilege of being 13. Now, if we go any deeper into that topic, we’ll all go nuts.
So!  Getting back to how he “wow”-ed me today, here – take a look:
Yes, my sweetie made these aalu parathas for me. I had to assure him that there’s no rule that rotis/chapatis/parathas must be perfect circles. In fact I know many people who roll out the dough and then cut it with a cutter or mould. Well – they tasted amazingly good. And of course I kissed every piece I put in my mouth.
🙂 That’s it. I’ve got to revel in the happiness before I come back here. How I wish my Mom was there to eat one of those. She would have insisted that it is the best she ever saw and tasted.

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