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In sickness and in health

We happily completed fourteen years of being married, in sickness, in health, in fun and happiness on Feb 9. Talk about donkeys’ years!

Funny thing is, I haven’t been able to open this blog for the last couple of days – yet I can edit posts, write new posts and also see the dashboard. So I figured that this is also fun – imagine posting and not being able to see it! Then I realized quite a few other blogs on blogger were also not loading. Let them sort it out 😀 With Valentine’s Day around the corner….we shall be sweet!

“Be sweet” was a phrase my Mom liked very much. To her, it meant being nice. We also used the word sweet sarcastically – when we saw someone harassing somebody, we referred to it as – oh, see how sweet he/she is. But being sweet works most times. Takes up less energy anyway. It is so hard not to smile back at someone who smiles at you, yeah?

So we leave behind an eventful week that was busy on many counts. I only hope Vidur’s sore throat resolves soon – with the help of the antibiotics, what with exams being around the next corner. Can’t believe he’ll soon go to the 9th std.

Two years ago we went through the exact same thing – back in 2009, when he was sick. Even his teachers thought he might not appear for the exams, but thankfully, his fever disappeared and since the exams were for only three hours, he insisted on writing them. Moreover he was also prepared. Anyway, who likes to write them alone, he said. Good logic. That year he scored his usual full marks. Mom was so worried. Hmm. Last year – after she passed away on Feb 8 – Vidur shocked us by standing first in class. And said that is what Paati would have expected. So touching…because we were prepared for anything. Just goes to show…..that one must expect the “unexpected” – unexpected being just a perception!

I like to hope for the best.

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    Advice that does wonders indeed.
    The sweetness almost spreads
    like a virus, everywhere.

    Subbu rathinam.

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