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An eventful year

This has been an eventful year – and during the last week, I’ve been reading “the year that was” kind of posts everywhere. Hmm….I am not sure I’d be able to do one of those smashingly immortal posts now, but I can definitely think back and recall and come up with reasons why I will remember 2010 forever.

Obvious. I lost my Mom. That is devastating. But as humans do, we’ve adjusted. With  minds full of fresh memories and hearts full of love, we have stepped up our “joy of giving”. We’ve come closer as a family. Anyone who knew my mom would agree that she is someone to remember. It has been an emotional year where I’ve begun to believe in subliminal connections – mind-power.

This is the year this blog was born.

This is the year when Vidur turned 13. (This deserves a paragraph of its own!)
This is the year Vidur started high school.

Lovely, also to think that my best friends decades ago, are still my best friends today – and they’ve made me feel like we are all in our special room, together, accessible to each other whenever we want, and there for each other. Thanks, “girls”. I also got back in touch with people I used to hang out with and have had happy times with. I’ve strengthened existing friendships and I am grateful for that.

My life is enriched. I have made personal resolutions, although I actually don’t believe in resolutions. Like my mother, I believe in daily to-do lists – well, I do carry them over frequently – but what the heck. I do tick off several “done”s regularly, too!.

This is the year I have also begun to truly appreciate exploring recipes and had the pleasure of seeing them all turn out fairly perfect. Mom was right. 🙂 Unless you DO it, how will you know? Truth is the strangest thing.

On the other hand, as Sury would say – Truce is stranger than friction, as I have discovered. To my benefit. So thank you, God.

Hehehe…trivia time, now – I lost some weight. Happy.
Looks like I might put it back on if I continue to indulge in ajmeri kalakand. Sad.

The work front looks great. Happy.
Some of my to-do lists are still pending. Sad.
I am completing them, albeit a little slowly. Happy.

Clinicom turned 5 years old this month. Happy.
Still got those signatures to get through. Sad.
But looks like I’ll manage to achieve my goal two weeks late. Happy.

I had an accident. Sad
I recovered. Happy.

I learned I was at risk for Breast Cancer. Sad
A medical examination eliminated the risk. Almost. Happy.

Oh yes, I could go on and on.

I am going to be meeting my closest pals during the rest of December.


And I wish everyone a fantastic New Decade. May we all be better people, happier people.

Love & Peace,

Vidya Sury.

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