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Something nice

I read this lovely note about communication today. Short and sweet. And I remembered all the conversations I’ve had with Mom about “doing it now”, without waiting for a muhurtham. What if there were a Tsunami at the end of the day? Regret sucks. “it might have been” ugh!

Hmm. Mom had a psychology degree and was very intuitive about people and I always found that awfully impressive. She never let the grass grow under her feet. (If you are keen on learning more about the impacts relationships have on us why not look into classes via How I wish Mom had this choice back then – can’t help thinking how convenient it would have been.


She always had wonderful wisdom for us and seriously believed there is no need to make an appointment to say our I-love-you’s. I always think of Vidur here. We often talk about ‘pray that this will happen’ – and each time we’d tell him ‘vayndiko da’ he would immediately close his eyes, join his hands and pray. And somehow that would look like it would get better results than our prayers, which were often postponed to the right time. Moreover, we belong to a culture that sees children as Gods. 🙂 So all the more reason to believe that their prayers will be answered sooner than us sinners’. Ha ha.

Point is – no point waiting to do something you intend doing to make someone feel good.  NOW is the time if there is someone who care about, but haven’t told lately. It is good to hear, you know. NOW is the time to quickly scribble a note and email them, put it in their lunch box, or brief case or purse – or wherever you think they can read it. What better way to invest in your happiness – than through a caring relationship. It is just not worth it to let small differences or heartaches to come in the way.

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