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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Catching up

We are back home! One week in the Andamans was wonderful, Mi. No internet. Phone calls barely going through, with us saying “hello, hello, voice is breaking, can’t hear you” most of the time. Yet we had a good time, the three of us together, rain notwithstanding. Though monsoons are not the ideal time, somehow the rains here are refreshing.

We kept talking about you–imagining you were with us, especially as we walked the beach, kind of combing it. You would have been so fascinated by all the debris the waves washed up. It was so beautiful. Hot as hell, sweaty, but beautiful.

Now that we’re back, we’re easing into the routine. First, unpacking, washing, cleaning and all those mundane things. Then catching up with work, etc. I am making my list of things to do for Vidur. Last time the pants we bought were lemons–the waist is loose so I have to get those fixed. You know how these guys will say two days and then take three weeks. As it is I am somewhat guilty about not already having dealt with it, in spite of going through the market so many times with U. Sigh. Anyway, I am consoling myself with the though that in case we are not able to get them in time, we will simply buy new. So, that’s my plan B.

It is always the little things we miss. Which is why, always the list. So I must move it move it move it now.

Back to planning more mango burfi. By the way I saw a recipe for atta burfi and laughed my head off when it turned out to be your maavu sweet. Remember how, after melting the butter into ghee you’d drain out the ghee and then roast the atta in the kashandu? Then add some jaggery and nuts to it? Same. Except these guys pat down the mix on a tray and make pieces. They claim it is not easy in spite of the overdose of ghee. But we were able to make laddus out of it, no? Although I am too lazy to do that. I simply make this, store the podi and eat a katori when I want. Also, I add some roasted nuts to it to protein-ify the carbs to make it a filling and healthy snack. Hmm.

There are apples in the fridge I must attend to. Probably blend them with some oats or something and make smoothies. Let’s see. I never like to convert a fruit into anything. I’d rather eat it as is. So much nicer. And healthier (and easier!).

Funny thing. I find myself less distracted these days. I focus better on what I am doing. Probably because I reached the zenith of worrying about not being able to focus. The trick, of course, is not to have any browser window open while working. I know it, but didn’t always follow it. I think we all reach a saturation point, no? I have reached mine with certain things. Good for me, eh?

Okay let me go make that second coffee and juggle today’s to-do list. Will tell you about our trip as we go along. Now listen to one of our favorite songs–which played on Bhule Bisre Geet on Vividh Bharti this morning. I still have the recording of Vidur singing it when he was ten years old, Mi. Noor Jehan in Gaon ki Gori.

The featured image at the top of the post is the beach at Ross Islands, Andamans.

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