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Abscesses and antibiotics and other antics

As usual, the antibiotics are playing havoc with my system. So tired of camping on the porcelain seat of wisdom. When I touch my tummy I can feel the war raging there. I am prepared for this, thanks to the doc warning me. In any case, you know that any meds mess me up. Ah well, as long as the purpose is solved, I guess I am okay. Now that’s the thing you know. I am desperately praying the abscess clears up with meds. I so do not want to go to surgery.

It reminds me of that time when you were admitted in Manipal Northside in 2007. What a horrible experience that was! They just experimented with you and treated you like a guinea pig, medicating you on whim and trying to undo the effects with yet another set of strong medicine. They moved you into ICU and kept you there for two weeks–two weeks!! They couldn’t properly diagnose what caused your low hemoglobin and platelet count and made us run around to procure bags of platelets. Then they even coolly said one day that they didn’t need the extra bag, as if we could keep it in our fridge. Urrgh!

In the course of all this, you had a small mosquito bite like thing on your arm which began to swell. They gave you anti-histamines, assuming it was an allergy. Then it started to grow into a dark bump and they allowed it to reach the stage where you had to have surgery to drain it. Oh and that surgeon! What a gross experience. After that we had to keep visiting the hospital long after you came back home to change the dressing at an exorbitant cost, until we decided to do it at home. What crazy memories.

So now, I’ve got one of those that started as a tiny bump, flared up, subsided, and flared up again. This time it decided to grow into a painful abscess. After trying my own remedies–don’t even get me started on it–I rushed to my doc, who gave me antibiotics for a week and said, let’s hope that takes care of it…if not…it’s the knife. I am so scared. I am praying it doesn’t come to that, Mi. On top of all this, Sury’s sick too with a terrible cough. As I kept up with my steady visits to the loo, he coughed and coughed and didn’t sleep a wink. Good thing we have two bathrooms eh?

Hoping today goes well. No matter what, we make it a point to sit and enjoy our coffee, because…gratitude, you know!

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