Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Not so smoothie

Every once in a while, I want to do the “green” stuff, Mi. Not that I don’t live green to some extent–considering all the green chutneys and salads and fresh fruit–but you know what I mean! All the media, I suppose.

So anyway, much against my better judgment, I thought I’d try one of the “green” smoothies recommended by someone in one of our groups. It involved grinding cucumber and tomato. What a bad idea when I love them in their natural form so much! But eh, what has to happeno happen will happenay happen, so I proceeded on my stupid mission.

Chopped cucumber, tomato and put in blender.

Whisked it, since I didn’t realllly have to grind it, no?

And before I could realize what hit me, the lid of the blender popped open before I had the presence of mind to turn it off. The next thing I knew was, the walls around me, me and myself, my glasses, my t-shirt, the crate of washed utensils at my feet, the glasses in the stand on the kitchen counter, and the other dishes on the shelf above the tap were–you guessed it–splattered with smoothie. Cucumber-tomato blend. Okay so I am feeling a little sheepish here. It all happened because of a few extra pieces I foolishly added, thinking why bother with another round of churning.

Ah well. First, of course, I hurriedly changed my clothes and soaked the ones I discarded so the stains if any wouldn’t become permanent. Then I got down to cleaning up the mess. the thing that makes me mad is cleaning my spectacles and my slippers. Amazing how far liquid can go, eh?

Well, I still had to finish making the smoothie, so I transferred the contents of the jar I was using into the larger jar and with my hand firmly holding down the lid, finished the job, pouring out three tall innocent glasses of cucumber-tomato smoothies.

Bah! For all that, it isn’t as if the smoothies rocked. I am all for thick beverages from a mug, but ground cucumber is not my thing, I guess. Only tomato may have been a better idea…but then come to think of it, why even bother? I’d rather just grab a tomato to go and eat it just like that.

Some days are like that. Everything spills!

I fondly thought of how much you loved grated cucumber with beaten curd. Sigh.

Talking about butter-fingers, this morning I was wondering what to cook for the lunch box. I contemplated on carrot-cabbage-parathas since I had a little of each. Felt quite happy after making the parathas. Thinking that I’d do some posh packing with one of the divided plates I have in one of the cartons–which can also be microwaved if desired, I got down to rummaging in it. Access wasn’t comfortable, so I thought I’d just pull it out a bit. The moment I picked up the box, everything fell out because the bottom wasn’t taped. Arrrgh! It reminded me of the “thittu point” — the phrase you coined when we were packing before our move back in 1994. So hilarious. I’d hold down the flaps of the carton and then, ask you to focus on the place where the ends met so I could tape it and invariably, it would loosen up just a bit at the precise moment when the tape went over it, making me mad! So you called it the “thittu” point. Thittu for scolding!

Laughing, I found the box and just dumped everything back inside, not bothering to fix the thittu point because I’d rather have the laughs and memories the next time I was stupid enough to spill it!

Mmm. Must make coffee and get on with the day. Feeling especially lethargic. Need to motivate myself and GO, Go, Go!

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