Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Changing habits

I did something earth-shattering, Mi! I reduced my coffee intake. And I think fruits are responsible for this waning desperation to have a cup of coffee. Also, travel. We don’t get good coffee everywhere we go, and it is always safer to stick to tea. Shocking, eh? However, I always risk the first coffee of the morning to appease that yearning, even if it is not great. I try to focus on the ambience, the company, the surrounding scenery to help me get through the coffee’s short comings. Of course you want to know why I can’t just skip the coffee. Ha, ha. I am afraid that question will be a rhetoric for you.

In the meantime, all this has had an effect on my overall coffee consumption. I am no longer a coffee pot. While I really cherish that first huge tumbler of filter kaapi (I raise a toast to you!), I don’t freak out about the second cup. Not every day anyway. When I do feel like, I have it in the tiny glass we got for Vidur when he was little. That way, I get my dose, and am surprised to find it is enough.

Funny how life changes, no?

If you ask me whether I’ll give up coffee altogether, the answer is an emphatic No!

And everytime I say No, I can’t help but remember how much we giggled over that scene in the movie “History of the World” where the princess inspects a row of men and she chooses them, chanting, “yes, yes, yes, no, NO!, no, yes……” Hilarious no?

By the way, I learned some months ago that sweet potatoes are good for diabetics. Better than the white potato, at any rate. I did wonder about the best way to consume it, because the lazy ol’ me was okay with simply pressure cooking it and eating it plain as a snack. Then I came across this nice recipe for a cake. I tried making it right away, and now it is a staple. Don’t freak out when I say cake, because this one rocks without sugar, butter and maida. Fully substituted with healthier diabetes-compatible ingredients and guilt-free,most of all. Cool eh?

By the way, baking rocks, too. Remember how we baked in the pressure cooker? I really wish you were around to enjoy our oven and can imagine the innumerable treats you would have made! Sigh. And oh, there’s a red pumpkin (parangikka) cake recipe too that comes out really well!

I forgot to say–when Vidur fell sick, I made the ginger-honey-lemon green tea and we both enjoyed it. We wished you had been there, you would have really loved it. It was delicious!

And an irrelevant bit of knowledge–remember how we used to wonder, while watching movies, how people wore sweaters with sleeves that extended across their wrists, allowing only their finger tips to be visible? The mystery has been solved. The sweaters come with long sleeves with a hole for the thumb. Who knew? Nice idea no? I have a good mind to make a hole in some of the super-long sleeved sweaters I have.  Ha ha!

Okay, all this talk about coffee has actually made me want some. I feel I deserve it. I woke up early this morning and finished some work that seemed to take forever yesterday. Truly, morning hours are best for work. My motivation is the memory of those days when you would wake me up at 4.30 am…then make the coffee at 6.30 am, so we could both enjoy it in the balcony, watching the sunrise. Precious moments.

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