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Inching On

Funny how sometimes a movie-binge can restore the mental balance. Yesterday, in spite of all we had to do, we were determined to watch a movie. And we did. Right after lunch, because that’s the ideal time. We went so far as to plan it the night before. Of course, instead of 1 we settled down at 2:30 and watch Shabri. An RGV movie. The plotline seemed interesting, and Esha Koppikar does a great job. Still, I felt the movie was a bit long drawn out. Vidur liked it. So I thought, maybe it’s me? We get more impatient as we grow older, Mi!

Talking of impatient, the best example I can think of is Paati asking if the rotis are done, and we’d yell from the kitchen, saying the rotis actually need time to cook and that’s outside our control, and then we’d all laugh so hard. I remember how Paati’s eyes would twinkle as she shook silently with laughter. Some warm memories, and perhaps the most precious ones are: how she could recognize footsteps coming up the stairs and identify them correctly. The moment the door opened, she’d address us and we’d be so stunned. Later, I recall how you knew the sound of our garage shutter opening in the basement. There’s something to be said for listening with the heart, eh?

So anyway, we did go out later in the evening to say g’bye to his music teacher. He’s still coughing away. It is so annoying that the cough continues long after the antibiotics are over, and the medication wont make the cough disappear. P.Rao says all cough syrups are kind of useless and just a placebo. I dunno about that, because I remember how codeine linctus used to control your cough instantly when you had TB. Sometimes, it bugs me that I have to prompt the doc to suggest relief. And these days, medicines are not cheap, ya know.

After the visit to the music class, we went around 8th cross, to buy stuff. By the way, Vidur got a lovely kurta set. I loved that he was enthusiastic about it and when I saw him step out of the trial room, it triggered a memory, Mi. One day, around the time he was seven or eight years old, you said you had dreamed we had a big function at home. Sury had turned 60, and Vidur, now a young man, was celebrating it in a grand way. You visualized him walking around, talking to guests, in a kurta. I remembered that at that moment, you know. Sury is not far from 60, and Vidur IS a young man now. Good gosh, he’ll be twenty this coming Nov. Can you imagine? I keep thinking of that infant we brought home and sponge-bathed on the little circular table we had…that always laughing and cheerful baby…the sweet kid who is now going to his third year of college. The new semester begins next week and I know you’re watching over him.

How the time flies. I can’t even believe sometimes that it is seven years since you passed on, Mi. Yet, each time I see Columbia Asia, it is like a cold hand squeezing my heart. Sigh.

It is true we never forget anything. Each memory is stored away somewhere in the labyrinth of our brain, to invariably emerge at the exact inappropriate moment…at least, the most uncomfortable ones.

Hmmm. By the way, this morning pages pledge is working out ya know! ♥ Now let me run off, as the house is waking up. Time for my second round of coffee.

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  1. Speaking of memories my aunt passed away after complications arising out of Alzheimer’s strangling grip…in the end she could even swallow.
    The last name she uttered was mine in an excited shriek…from an embedded default memory..
    Memories…at times I wish they did not exist!

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