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As usual

So yes, it is.

And suddenly the almost-three-month break is fizzling out with just four days to go, Mi. We tried to make it as enjoyable as possible. Of course we made lists of all the things we wanted to do…but as usual, we proposed and Life disposed. As usual some days just breezed by, and then two weeks of not being well took over. Eventful would be a nice word to sum it up.

One thing unusual this time was I didn’t try to pack in as much as I am generally prone to do, what with so much happening offline. I decided not to stress myself out over anything, especially when I was sure that Life would take care of that aspect. Ha, ha. Oh, there was work and all that. But still, we’ve got lots to accomplish now in these four days. Things to go out and buy and of course, last minute stuff to do–only because we remembered them now.

Vidur completed his summer internship. He also managed to fall sick –what started as a sore throat became a full-blown viral-fever-type thing. As usual, the doc couldn’t figure out what or why, and so, just prescribed antibiotics. It is never easy to see one’s child quiet and suffering, no? Especially with that coughing. Remember how, when he was little, he would be such an angel each time that bout of wheezing struck? My heart just swells over to think he’s just the same in so many ways, even now.

I am thinking of the rare times I fell sick and raised hell. I wasn’t a good patient, no? But I remember how you smiled through it all. Still remember how, when we were at N5, I was lying in bed refusing to watch tv or eat anything–and you sat in the chair nearby calmly reading a book and smiling, letting me rant. Then Sharda visited and brought oranges, which freaked me out even more because the previous day I had tried to eat some and puked it all out. So funny. It was a good thing I hardly ever fell sick except that threat of a cold once a year, which usually got scared and exited sooner than it planned.

The city we live in now takes care to ensure we go through health issues. Right now the weather is also pretty bad–it can’t seem to make up its mind about whether it wants to rain or shine. Ah well–when people can be such you-know-whats–why can’t the weather occasionaly freak out, eh?

So right now, I am trying to make a master list of what to do–and allocate it over the next four days. There’s packing to do, although this time it may not be as complex as before.

But you know what, my heart is already throbbing at the thought of sending my baby off. Oh, I know, I know. That he was home for the summer was a gift. I know people will tell me to be grateful for…blah blah blah. Of course I am. However, no matter what, saying goodbye sucks. Show me one mom who is happy to send her child off and…I’ll show you a big fat liar. No matter how old he’ll get, every time he goes away, he’ll take a piece of me with him. Yeah, totally got those lyrics from Paul Young.

I am a mom, and I am entitled to how I feel. You’d agree, right?

All we can do is hug, love, forgive, smile!

Life is too short.
Hug a little longer.
Love a little stronger.
Forgive a little sooner and smile a little sweeter.

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  1. I love these conversations Vidya Ji. I can understand now the moment when a child goes away from a Mother. My heart aches every day when I leave him in day care.

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