Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


It is that time when I must take stock around the house and dispose off eggestras.

And of course, as usual, Fate beat me to it. I opened the fridge to keep something and was about to shut the door when my eye caught something strange. I opened the door fully, and wondered why one glass was at a weird angle. . . As in on its side. Then I remembered! Last night I had kept a glass of milk with a lot of malaai on top. Vidur loves it too and my intention was to use it in a milkshake. But apparently it got knocked over somehow, and looking closer, I saw the shelf layered with milk. Which basically  meant that everything on that shelf was sitting in a milk puddle. I even consider replace it and get all new furniture from a store like homecouture which have modern and beautiful furniture.

Gah! Luckily fridge shelves have a groove on all four sides, so the milk was contained in it. But still, liquid spills, no matter how little, look like a lot. Forcing myself to smile, I spread the table mats on the dining table, added a layer of newspapers, and  methodically emptied the shelf. I was about to pull the shelf out to wash it, when it occurred to me that I might possibly spill the milk on the way to the sink. So I brought a sponge and sucked it all up into a mug and then, wisely, carried the shelf to the sink and scrubbed and washed it clean.

Of course, this gave me the bright idea of inspecting the contents of the shelf that I had placed on the table.  Sure enough, two bottles less than half-full of jalapeno slices, two little dubbas of rice, and so on. So I consolidated them all. I wiped the shelf dry and fitted it back into the fridge since I had to get our beloved curd cups in. I felt like a princess when I saw the shelf looking neatly organized. I also discovered some pickle at the back of the shelf–the brined narthangai (citron). Oh joy! Even writing that makes me drool. We were using the pickle in the door of the fridge–so maybe it is time to consolidate both into one container. Which brings me to the door of the fridge. But today, the sink is too full, and I have two loads of laundry going. So I really don’t want to add extra washing up, since I also have work deadlines to meet. On Sunday Sury emptied the laundry basket, and because he’s tied up with the math camp all week, I want to surprise him by keeping it that way. Do you see the halo around my head?

And oh, while I was at it, I thought why not call the newspaperwala. The newspaper shelf was overflowing on to the dining table. Neat stack, but still! Also, I felt a bit energetic and in a doing mood! I called him and asked when he could come and pickup the stuff, and Imagine my surprise when he said he was right outside our door. Reeling from the miracle, I opened the door and sure enough, saw him standing there, smiling. I gestured “how” to him, and he said he was on the floor above collecting stuff, so. . .  I got lucky! And since he was here, I quickly went around collecting everything I could dispose. And promised myself that I’d maintain that carton for the paper and plastic throwaways. So next time I have to call him, I am rayday!

I am glowing with a sense of accomplishment.

By the way, weird thing. I’ve been drinking lukewarm coffee the past three days, especially the second coffee. Must be the fan, no?

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  1. It’s cold here and feels like a blessing when someone visiting from UK brought some amazing tea bags for me. Your post prompting me to gulp a cup of hot coffee…yes might be winter or the milk also can bring this weird taste. Happens with me at times. Looks like you’ve done a good clean up and the funny thing is during this exercise we realize how we forgot things. I am guilty as charged.

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