Today #WeekendCoffeeShare

Today #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee–and of course we would–I’d tell you I woke up with butterfingers today, again, Mi. Everything I picked up, slipped off my hands, slipped from my hands. The worst was dropping a bowl of really hot oats straight from the stove to the counter. Eww. Just when I was thinking, omg, how am I going to eat this and I hope I don’t burn  my tongue in my hurry to eat the first spoon. Nah, normally I wouldn’t cool it on the counter, ha ha. What a mess to clean up. Good thing I managed to contain most of it on the counter. Because, somehow, on the floor seems worse. Had to make another bowl of oats which I found infinitely boring–so ditched the idea and had muesli instead.

I don’t know what it is about people laughing, when these things happen, that triggers a bit of fury. Of course I don’t show it. Instead I just smile and pretend it is no big deal. Ugh! I don’t even feel like a hypocrite for feeling one thing and doing another, and that’s quite okay.

Did I tell you that there’s not a single 500 or 1000 note in the house? And thank heavens for that. One fine morning in Nov our beloved PM decreed that the current notes were no longer valid, in a bid to fight corruption and clean black money. I am sure the truly corrupt ones are just smiling and carrying on with their routines; however, the masses are having temporary inconvenience–and a major one at that–because it ain’t as simple as going to the nearest ATM and drawing your cash, or visiting the bank and returning/exchanging the banned currency. You see, ATMs have no cash, banks are helpless, queues are long and generally, there’s chaos. We did manage to deposit the few notes we had and are okay for now with pocket money. I am glad we adapted to cashless methods years ago.

But even that isn’t fail proof you know? Yesterday while booking tickets for a trip, my card got charged twice and now I am battling with getting them to process the refund.

I fondly remembered those days when we were broke and never had to worry about any of these issues. Come the 20th of the month, we’d quickly switch to greens and buy assorted veggies because that cost less and the guy who brought the veg cart around in our area didn’t mind that we bought so little. Yet we ate well and even shared with the neighbors.

Ah, how exciting it used to be to find a ten rupee note nestled in the pages of your diary! Like a fortune. Believe it or not, even now, when I hold your patchwork handbag close, I feel rich, even though there’s no money inside. Truly, less was more. Much much more.

Because we had love. We still do.

And coffee. We still do.

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