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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

The Moments that count

So another year bites the dust, Mi. I am tickled pink to think that when you were this age, I was already 35. Crazy no? It is, considering that you are no longer around. And that pisses me off big time more often than ever, these days. But first, I want to share a lovely birthday poem with you, gifted to me by Sreeja.

As the sun rose with his morning glow
And smiled fondly at the earth below
A lovely, sweet woman, with a smile so kind
Woke up to the warmth of happiness, to find

A bunch of wishes, coming her way
Reminding her of the blessed day
She was born into her Mi’s world
Tiny toes, fingers curled

Named as she was, after the Goddess of learning
She found a way to fulfill life’s yearning
Fighting her way out of each tough battle
She took up each challenge to prove her mettle !

Years have gone by, she’s still the same
Learned as she is, living her name
Blessed with a partner ,who makes her whole
A loving son, the song of her soul !

As you enjoy your Birthday, dear
Even though Mi isn’t physically near
She’s watching over, from her favourite cloud
Her daughter, who has always made her proud !!

Enjoy this Birthday, conquer the sky
Take off with your wings and fly high
Realise all dreams you’ve prettily spun
Keep smiling, life is so much fun

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day ,Vidya dear

Don’t you love it? Of course it had me sobbing with emotion!

These days the waterworks are a bit too easily triggered, Mi! I had a nice birthday, though. It was a pleasant day with lovely drawings from Vidur, cute gifts from our neighbors, lunch treat from Sury, lots of phone calls and wishes. I was happy to talk to my childhood pals. At this stage, it means so much that people I’ve known for decades stay in touch. I must be a nice person, eh? ha ha. Uma came over and we had a leisurely stroll around, returning home two hours later drenched in the sudden showers. We laughed our heads off, saying that when we meet, even the heavens cannot contain their joy! We visited the Kamakshi temple on the way, and reminisced over how it used to look. I remembered our visits there and how much Vidur enjoyed playing in that hall, while you sat and finished your prayers. Lovely days!

And so went another year. Which probably brings home this point even more emphatically: I must make every day, every moment count. I have resolved to focus on all the things I want to do, rather than waste time online. I really want to publish those books I am working on,by the end of this year–and that’s not far away, which really makes it exciting for me. I am such a sucka for deadlines, Mi! Seriously, miles to go before I sleep!

Now I am going to spend an hour with my planner and schedule stuff. I will be back to tell you what I am up to. I need you to watch over me, because I really miss the gentle nudges you were such an expert at delivering.

And coffee.

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