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Miles to go before I sleep

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

How amused you were when I would pinch my throat and say “mother promise” when you wanted my confirmation that I would really do something, Mi! I’ve made millions of promises to you, and of course I am guilty about not keeping quite a few. I used to annoy you, when you said “But you promised, Vidya!” that promises were like pie-crust, made to be broken. Yep, convenient French proverb. But of course I was kidding!

But I also know that over the years, you appreciated me very much for never dodging a commitment I had made. It simply goes against my grain to tell someone I’ll do something and not do it.

Still, I do have some bête noires that haunt me. All I know is I am sure I will fulfill them, just a little later than sooner.

Today, I have many promises to make, to myself.

I promise to

  • Focus on self-care. This essential means sleeping earlier than usual and ensuring I get my 7-8 hours of zzz.
  • Be even more conscious about eating on time, eating healthy, drinking enough water. Of course I do this, but hey, I do slip up. I will try not to do that.
  • Avoid getting stressed out. What is the use anyway? When I do freak out, I will have a cup of coffee/blast the music out loud/clean a room.
  • Wake early and finish my gym workout to avoid making excuses not to go after 9. Obviously! It is so annoying to go after winding up in the kitchen and feels as though half my day is over.
  • Set aside time for reading, rather than do it randomly throughout the day whenever I get the time or feel the urge. I saw you wrinkle your nose at that!
  • Follow a schedule for the day. Somewhere down the road I’ve strayed around. I do make a timetable for the day, but am so easily distracted with my too much to do list that I just run around like a drunk possum. I really must manage my time better! I don’t even have social media as an excuse as I am strong enough to stay away from it most of the time.
  • Procrastinate less. Yeah, yeah. I know. Disapprove all you want, but you can’t deny that I get everything done even if I sometimes rely a bit too much on that 11th Still, not really an excuse. These days I am carrying that dependence on the 11th hour too far, or overestimating my ability to do things in the time I assume it will take. I am well aware I need a swift kick in the derriere. And I have good friends ever ready to deliver it.
  • Work to stay on schedule over the five ebooks I plan to self-publish, which is by the end of this year.
  • Edit and publish “Collecting Smiles” the anthology I had planned to publish last year. Sigh. So guilty.

I made some promises to Vidur last week.

I said I would purge all the extras at home. We had planned to do it together but somehow, too many other things occupied our time and it seemed more important to spend time together having fun rather than breaking our heads over spring cleaning.

I am making headway, but it is slow. As I told you, it is tough doing it alone. I am giving something away every day. When I sleep at night, I ask myself “what good did I do today?” and make sure I list at least 3 things, if not more.

I treasure the advice you gave me, Mi. Never go to bed upset, never forget to say I love you, never hold a grudge, forgive easily.

I promised I would always remember and follow it, and I do.

Still, I have miles to go before I sleep. And I wish you were holding my hand and walking with me.

Today is Day 7 of the #BarAThon and our prompt is “Promise

I am proud of my Team Crimson Rush

My heartfelt thanks and love to everyone for visiting, reading and commenting.

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15 thoughts on “Miles to go before I sleep

  1. That is something we rarely do, don’t we – a promise to take care of ourselves? What a coincidence then that it is nearly the same topic I have touched upon in my post! We really ought to care for ourselves more than we do. I so agree.
    It was a wonderful 7 days of writing daily and reading daily , isn’t it, Vidya? I know you have already been doing it daily, but it’s been sort of a first for me! Hehe

  2. Loved your post as I always do, Vidya. You are one of the most positive people I know with such a loving soul that shines out of your posts. I always come away feeling so good. Good for you to make these promises to be good to yourself and do more self care and attention. You deserve it.

  3. Taking care of ourselves should be top priority. It’s wonderful reading all your posts in the #BARaThon challenge. Will wait for ‘Collecting Smiles’ ebook.

  4. May you be able to keep all your promises – to yourself, and the ones you made to Vidur too.
    Thanks ‘Mi’ – enjoyed this trip with you 🙂

  5. Beautiful post to wind up the series. Just like you, I wish my mother was also holding my hand but at least the words and memories guide us. I love all the promises that you’ve shared. That avoid getting stressed out is the one I’ve to work on the most. Good luck to fulfil all those promises.

  6. I love the way you communicate with Mi. Something really heartwarming about it. I do hope you’re able to fulfill all your promises to her.

  7. Okay I’m borrowing your promises and making them my own – not to stress out, to weed out the extras from life, to sleep on time and to follow a schedule for the day… I take them all. Thank you.
    Before I leave I have to say I immensely enjoyed following you and Mi through this week. There has been so much wisdom and so much love. I’ll be around.

  8. There are always going to be these reminders to help us stay on track and yours are all doable, that’s the best part. Make simple, comforting promises to yourself and hey those ebooks will be out before you know it. Hugs and thanks for being on this BarAThon with us all. You’ve made it special 🙂

  9. I have made pretty much the same promises to myself, but I am failing miserably in the fitness area. The exercise area, I mean. I am too tired at night after coming back from work, and totally not a morning person. Though I have gotten better at food, portion control, and sleeping more. So, I am focusing on the achievements, as of now. 😀

  10. Vidya, I know you will keep all your promises because you made them 🙂 I liked your idea of giving away something to the needy daily, will try to do the same. Looking after oneself is the most important promise, we all need to make it and keep it.

  11. What a beautiful set of promises! Vidya I am absolutely certain you’ll keep them all up and more. Much love and warm hugs! Loved all your posts through the BarAThon.

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