Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!



What a frickin’ day it was, Mi! Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Of course, I kept remembering that there’s nothing so bad that it cannot get worse…still, it would have been nice if I didn’t get proof of that, over and over again!

The computer crashed for no apparent reason
Laptop acted crazy
The taps leaked
The phones died
The internet – oh, don’t get me started. I spent the better part of a day arguing with them
Staples I wanted, no stock
I hurt my knee, nice big gash. Errgh. So limping a bit now.
Skin rash. Not funny.
My chappal strap broke. Looks trivial I know, but.. last straw.

Funny how things just pile up eh? It is as though they are in a hurry to prove to themselves who can be more badass than the other, the little creeps. I tried hard, really hard to keep my cool, such as it was with the weather also being a lot hotter than it had any right to be. But seriously, who am I to complain? I just thought of the millions of people out there in the sun, slogging away and nipped my whining in the bud even before the first one could surface.

So anyway, what with all the crazy stuff, I simply made a – yep – list and got down to action. Not that it was easy because who’s hanging around waiting for my call? I persisted, however, allowing things to happen in their own time. Also, I have a cleaner house to report. Talk about a total win-win. I think I’ve almost solved all the issues, or am well on my way to doing it.

To top it, marathon call with T which is always guaranteed to make life better with good news to boot.

Of course, the most exciting thing is Vidur being in town for a week. Short break, but still. I was a mush of emotions as I waited at the airport to receive him. Yes, I had a Hatti Kaapi while I waited and it was delicious. Then I found myself feeling choked and telling myself to calm down in alternation. The anticipation of seeing him walk through that door… oh! When he finally did, it felt like everything was perfect in my world. And it was a very happy me heading back home with him and looking forward to the week. True we have several things to do, but hey, the most important thing is presence, eh?


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