Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


You know we hardly made any carrot halwa this winter, Mi. The delhi carrot is slowly phasing out of its season and can you imagine, I’ve only made the halwa once, what with Sury traveling or not really feeling inclined to enjoy it on his own as Vidur isn’t around. Sigh. We parents, I tell you! Who’d know that better than you? Were you not the sage one who celebrated festivals when everyone was at home, regardless of the date?

So, I do buy the carrot and use it in our good ole staples, veg rice and to make veg rotis – grated carrot with finely chopped onions and loads of “kothamalini”, your beloved coriander!

I am thinking of pickling it now. I even bought the yellow mustard to go with it. Only problem is the carrot gets over before I get around to making the pickle!

It is easier to pickle cabbage, onions, cucumber and ginger as we usually buy a lot of it and it takes longer to consume fresh. And of course we now make our jalapenos at home too! Yes, they miss Vidur too!

It is with deepest regret that I must inform you about your coveted lemon pickle, which we treasured and hoarded is about to get over. Just a few pieces left. I guess we’ll clean that up when Vidur is home during his mid-sem break.

Reminds me of all those wonderful times when we made vadu mango. And that magali kizhangu? Oh my gosh. We went around with black fingers for days after peeling its skin at “their” place just because they bought it by the kilo, quite confident that the job could be delegated to us. These days I conveniently buy the ready pickle, as that small quantity lasts us for days. I must say, though, the pickle shelf misses oru Vidurkutty so  much. I actually imagine the bottles looking a bit sad – so I was silly enough to talk to the shelf and tell it that he’ll be home in three weeks. I am pretty sure I saw them brighten up just a little bit!

I’ve made two big bottles of uppu nellikka. They’re available in abundance now and although I planned to pickle them, I am thinking may as well be lazy and eat them just like that. I bought some turmeric, but never got around to doing anything with it, with the result that it is now somewhat a research object – dry and shriveled up. Yes. Not guilty!

Hmm. And it is that time again when I have to deal with the coconuts. These days I grate them and store in the freezer and use to garnish my favorite beans curry. I bought some cluster beans and am thinking of making parupusali. Let’s see when I get around to that!

And now, coffee.

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