Funny how, when we’re sick and in bed and can’t open our eyes because even the darkness is too bright, everything else comes into sharp focus. I remember thinking I should get up and switch off the fan, except the fan wasn’t on.

It is also weird how all sorts of past incidents do a marathon rewind in the head. Except, now, our perspective is different from when they happened. And thank heavens for that, eh? I don’t have much recollection of the rest of yesterday after I returned from the doc, except I am sure I did get up to eat something and of course, took my meds, thanks to Sury who did the same. I know that between us, we also kept in touch with Vidur.

Later in the evening today, I sat up for a while with a cup of tea. Eating is just a chore, because I can’t taste a thing and have an underlying bitterness in my mouth probably thanks to the fever. I decided to veg out in front of the TV and aimlessly surfed channels for a while before it became too much of an effort. I was drifting in and out from the realms of sleep anyway, dreaming crazy things that borrowed scenes from reality and my subconscious.

And of course, the old faithful didn’t disappoint: going to write an exam and having all sorts of bizarre things happen to mess it up before I woke up in a sweat, disoriented, then relieved to realize where I was. Heh.

Perhaps the worst part of being sick is not being able to read. But my headache just wont go away and sadly, I cannot focus on any print because it hurts. It feels like there’s a furnace in my head waiting to send a ball of fire out of my eyes.

How gory. Voice still hibernating, though. Needs a little more TLC I guess. I can’t even taste the coffee!

For no reason at all, Sting’s Fields of Gold keeps playing in my head. Not that it is a bad thing… it isn’t! I have so many memories associated with that song, Mi! Remember how we used to watch the video mesmerized? Sweet memories. Do you walk in fields of gold, now?

Now I am just compelled to listen to the rest of the playlist… Every breath you take – oh, the bass guitar! and Desert Rose … when I have the energy. Until then I’ll just let them play in my head.

It is Children’s Day today, by the way.

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