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Soup and Stuff

Today I pressure cooked a bunch of veggies – cabbage, tomatoes, beans, carrots and onions with some salt and pepper and had two large bowls of it. Tasted like heaven. Reminded me of years ago, when we decided to suddenly go on a soup diet. We’d both wake up at 4.30 am and quickly prep the veggies, then you’d puree them for us to drink throughout the day. We got tired of it after 5 days – by which time we consoled ourselves that 5 days was adequate. Since we also walked a lot, I think it must have done us good.

What I didn’t like about that soup was the puree-ing part. I like to see the veggies when I eat my soup…which is probably why I usually avoid soup when we eat outside. Somehow the hot thick viscous liquid isn’t really my thing. I’d much rather go for our south indian “kootu” which is far tastier and wholesome, with the lentils and sometimes, coconut. Nothing to beat the lemon rasam though!

So as usual, I bought a bunch of mint leaves and even plucked the leaves off the stalk with the intention of making a nice chutney the next morning, but alas, it wasn’t to be. Now I am a little nervous about taking that box out of the fridge to check its status. Somehow, we’ve been managing to survive the past week. The worst of it is the cough, which, once triggered, will have its way and say before it subsides.

After a week of medication, as usual, I feel just a bit worse – or maybe it is the cough that makes everything else seem lousy.

It is also time to fret about my collection of coconuts. In the next couple of days I must break them grate them and store them for future use.

Even as I plan all this in my head – not sure when my body will cooperate – the sound of the drill working in the neighbor’s house is driving me nuts. This must be the nth time they’re renovating. I wonder what they do each time. And in the meantime, the house upstairs has fixed the grill around their balcony. I am so tempted to do the same because I dread stepping into ours now – fearing the shit carpet courtesy the pigeons. Really do not have the stamina to tackle it. Also, the constant rains have made it even worse.

Biggest dilemma, however? What to wear for a wedding this coming Sunday. Sigh.

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