Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


So I actually slacked off for the better part of this afternoon, Mi. I was a bit tired after wrapping up a mini-project I really enjoyed and then catching up with the other work deadlines, which meant a few very late nights and every early mornings. You know how the body begins to protest.

So post lunch, when Sury suggested I take a nap, I just did not protest. I lay down with a book. What? I have books to read before I sleep! Eventually I dozed and woke up an hour later. And of course wanted tea, so we had a leisurely afternoon, chatting with Vidur until he went off to do his thing.

So I allowed the afternoon to segue into the most glorious evening, wallowing in my library. I miss you so much when I do this you know – you would have had the time of your life, enjoying our rapidly growing library. Nothing like the company of books. How easily they transport us to another world. How tough it is to sometimes come back from them to reality!

I especially thought of you as I gloated over some thrillers I acquired recently. I fondly remember those days when we’d bribe each other and affectionately argue over who should read that new book first! Somehow we managed to work out a system where you got it during the day and I read at night, thanks to my late hours. And of course the fact that I couldn’t – wouldn’t – put a book down until I finished it. Can you believe that in spite of how I’ve possibly changed that’s one thing I still do, among others? Especially while I am cooking. I have a feeling you would have enjoyed an ereader, if only because of the ability to zoom in on the print size! There’s so much I miss doing with you.

I am seriously wondering if we should put that net around the balcony. The pigeon menace is way too stressful and the cleaning is so annoying. I mean, if someone asked me what I did on Sunday mornings, I’d have to say “scrape the shit carpet off my balcony floor” and I am sure they’d think I am being sarcastic. Although,  I read today that sarcasm increases one’s creativity.

So now we are stressing over ticket bookings for the next three months.

Well, tomorrow’s another day. Like Schwarzenegger, I will be back!

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