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Slow Motion

Camp: bed

I am already tired of being sick. I decided to make some tomato soup but ended up overdoing the pepper in it. It seared a path all the way through my system. It however felt rather good. A pleasant shock, you know. Since neither of us is up and about yet, we thought we’d heat up the idlis from yesterday. Oh boy, when I got it out of the fridge, it felt like I could use it to stop a train. Thankfully, the microwave took care of that little hurdle. Still, I thought it would be better if I converted it into an upma – so I chopped it up into tiny bits. By the time I was done, I was just about ready to get back in bed.

I remember how, all those years ago, we used to fall sick in series. And laugh over it because we were simply grateful that one of us was well enough to look after the other and keep each other in good spirits. Somehow that just didn’t happen with us this time, Mi. Must be the weather.

As the sound of coughing fills the air, we carry on, trying to keep ourselves hydrated as best as we can, taking our meds, resting, hoping for recovery. Wish there was a way to speed things up.

I hate it when things go in slow motion, except when we deliberately do it for a purpose.

One of the things about the ‘flu this time – and I seriously think it is a major milestone – is my detachment towards that frenzy which always marks a sick day. I would always be anxious about emails piling up, work overflow, blogging deadlines, and all the associated frills. This time, though, I feel none of that. I guess one reaches a plateau at some point. On the internet, nobody cares if you disappear for a few days – they’re too busy caught up with their own flavors of the day.

Which in a way, is quite alright. I mean – at least I wasnt born with the internet. True, it is convenient, fun, facilitates connections…but at the end of the day, virtual is virtual. And real is real.

Like virtual coffee vs. real hot steaming foaming coffee warming my palms as it builds up my anticipation.

A little blase, aren’t I, today? Blame it on the boogie ‘flu.

I believe that’s where I came in!

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  1. Oh, I hope you feel better soon, Vidya. Your husband too! Keep eating the tomato soup. Tomatoes have healing nutrients in them and if they don’t work the pepper will make you two sneeze the flu or of you!

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