Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


I advertised on a couple of sites to sell our washing machine and “bedset” as they call a cot and mattress, Mi. I am totally in the space-making mode now. Contrary to the belief that everything goes like “hot cakes” there, the enquiries were few and far between. Except one, who wanted to process it through the site. Now my worry was having a third party pick up the washing machine, keeping it for a while and then returning it on a whim. There is no solid procedure here, and the reviews I’ve read totally put me off from accepting the “cashback” offer should I use the site’s services. I’d rather have someome come over, take a look, be satisfied, pay and collect the item.

So anyway – this weekend we decided we’d move some stuff around. For one, we brought the cot to your room, after folding up the one that was already there. This means space in the bedroom – otherwise I found myself walking sideways to my side of the bed. Also, we really didn’t need an unused bed in the room as a temporary spot to keep our washed and folded clothes. True, it was a good place to keep the extra pillows, but that problem is now solved. I’ve just stacked them next to the wardrobe, wrapped in a sheet.  I am looking forward to sprucing up the place on Monday. It also meant we could move the huge carton away from the living room to the bedroom corner, where it looks far more inconspicuous.

It was fun, especially with Sury happily singing away as we worked. I recalled those days when we’d plan to shift things around, and struggled between us to get things done. When Sury was home, it would all get done far quicker, thanks to his strength. Another problem with the two of us was getting side-tracked. We’d start with something, then the ideas would flow and we’d want to deviate from plan all the time. So hilarious. But then, unless we get started, how can we imagine new things? And so we just succumbed. Which is probably why it is far easier to clean up with Sury. He’s focused, which I am not when it comes to furniture arrangement. When we set aside a time for something, he makes sure it gets done in that time slot – which I often do not, when left to myself.

Mmmm. So anyway, the bed with the two mattresses looks so inviting and cozy. It reminds me of that Princess and the pea story and I can’t wait to take a nap on it! It also reminds me of how you were instantly alert to any minor bumps on the mattress! Oh gosh, and it reminds me of that time when we ordered that extra long mattress and then had a tough time trying to cut it to size. When we couldn’t, you just let it flow over the edge of your bed so Vidur could enjoy it as a slippery slide while we used it as a comfy backrest when we sat on the floor.

Coffee time now.

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