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Magical Day

It really is a kind of magic to be a Mom, Mi. I’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve lovingly said that to me. Today, our little one turns 18. Do you remember the day he was born? We couldn’t take our eyes off him. He seemed so serene, making those divine mudras with his little hands with long fingers. We were surprised when people started streaming in to see him and wondered what was up. Then we realized that he shares his birthday with Satya Sai Baba, who incidentally would have turned 90 today.

We couldn’t get over how he hardly cried. And our neighbors couldn’t get over why he always sounded happy. Blessed from the day he was born, I suppose. People smirked when we showered our unconditional love on him, pampered him, indulged him. You were always so sure that he would emerge strong, secure in his family’s love and compassionate beyond his years.

You were right.

He’s the kindest, most affectionate and respectful young man I know. Focused on what he does, sincere and most of all, truthful to himself.

He may be far away today, but thanks to technology, we can talk to him and see him whenever we wish. I am still reeling over the fact that of all his birthdays away from home, did his 18th have to be the first? I am trying to be strong but my eyes kept filling up as I heard the songs of another Nov 23 born today on the radio – Geeta Dutt.

Today, I fondly remember how we celebrated his second birthday. We had just moved into our home and had barely settled down. Since we didn’t know anyone around here, we made a batch of burfis and decided to distribute them to our neighbors. Then when you got ready for your walk with Vidur, he wanted to carry some sweets to distribute to people outside. I remember how he walked into Nightingale’s and spent time with the elders there. Once you both returned home, he wanted a few more batches to be made, so that you could distribute to the construction workers near our place, the vegetable vendors and the flower ladies who always smiled at you when you passed them.

You’ll be happy to know that he hardly asks anything, except a couple of books for himself. He finds more joy in sponsoring a meal at Seva Sadan, for the 100 or so children there today.

Yes, we raised a loving child to be proud of, Mi. Sury and I are good parents because of him.

I just wish you were here to see him today. I can just imagine the Skype parties we’d have. Sigh. I do know you’re watching over him and pouring your love on us.

Here’s one of our favorite songs by Geeta Dutt

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