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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


I had a hilarious time booking 4 taxis before actually having one arrive today, Mi.

As exciting as it is to be able to just open an app and call a taxi, it isn’t always what it seems. A wait time of 5 min before booking usually transforms to 20 the moment we book it – and that’s by the book. The taxi might actually be farther away and many phone calls are exchanged before we’re finally on our way. Very weird. And if we get tired of waiting and cancel, they’ll bill you regardless of whether the driver was reachable or not. Then we go through the rigmarole of “providing feedback” and receiving a call back from them apologizing profusely and requesting “one last chance” and saying “it will never happen again”. As if! It is so funny to hear their blatant enthusiasm over making promises as if it is in their control.

But today, it wasn’t the usual issue. Just goes to show that the possibilities are infinite when it comes to problems.

The first taxi said 4 min and that turned out to be 30 after booking. Which is a crazy waiting time, so I cancelled and booked the second, which said 10 min.

So 10 min later the man calls up to say his taxi has been held up by the police and requests me to cancel. So I cancelled.

Then I booked another. You know how I get – determined to get that cab today! So this one showed a 4 min wait, only to switch to 20 min the moment I booked it.

Now it was time to book taxi no.4. Sury was freaking out over my obstinacy, but what to do? I had a coupon code and was keen on using it, because it would cost far less even than an autorickshaw. So jennyway, this one was a final 15 min wait. And thus was the trip made.

Seems like the day of four. Four attempts at taxi booking before actually riding in one, and four attempts at getting my laptop to connect to the internet before it worked, ha ha.

But Four doesn’t hold good for the number of times we’ve seen Waqt, the movie, unless you count the number of letters in the name. More about that tomorrow, Mi!

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