Camp: Bed, Status: ‘Flu

Truly and properly down with the ‘flu and a wheezy hacking cough that is turning wheezier and more painful by the minute, Mi. And the headache, oh! Since you know what that entails, I won’t bore you with the details.

It has been raining nonstop here. For a while, this morning, it was just gloomy, but dry, and Sury literally forced me to go see the doc. After much resistance, I went. Only to find that PR’s clinic was closed until the 19th. I called him and there was no answer. A bit stymied, I reluctantly went to Manipal Northside. Ugh. The memories of that place!

They have a somewhat swanky out patient center now on 13th Cross. After trudging up the steps, I entered the lobby and was shocked to find the crowd there. Convinced I’d only get sicker waiting, I left with a prayer for those already there.

But I couldn’t assume I’d get better just like that because even my stubborn brain realized I had to see a doc. I’d had a rather horrible night. So I went to RC, who, fortunately was in. Somehow I thought he might be closed, what with it being the festival and all. Even more amazing was the fact that there was no one waiting. I let myself in and went through the 10-min breathing routine as he listened. Two more minutes and I’d have probably dozed off. Oh well. I got a prescription, instructions and after paying him 4 Gandhis, I headed back home. I even managed to buy curd and some dosa batter – because neither of us had the urge or energy to make or consume more than that.

By the time IĀ got home, the fever hit me again and after putting things away hurriedly, I got into bed and covered up….and settled down to play the waiting game. It would be nice to have my voice back – all I can manage now is a croak.