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Camp: Bed, Status: ‘Flu

Truly and properly down with the ‘flu and a wheezy hacking cough that is turning wheezier and more painful by the minute, Mi. And the headache, oh! Since you know what that entails, I won’t bore you with the details.

It has been raining nonstop here. For a while, this morning, it was just gloomy, but dry, and Sury literally forced me to go see the doc. After much resistance, I went. Only to find that PR’s clinic was closed until the 19th. I called him and there was no answer. A bit stymied, I reluctantly went to Manipal Northside. Ugh. The memories of that place!

They have a somewhat swanky out patient center now on 13th Cross. After trudging up the steps, I entered the lobby and was shocked to find the crowd there. Convinced I’d only get sicker waiting, I left with a prayer for those already there.

But I couldn’t assume I’d get better just like that because even my stubborn brain realized I had to see a doc. I’d had a rather horrible night. So I went to RC, who, fortunately was in. Somehow I thought he might be closed, what with it being the festival and all. Even more amazing was the fact that there was no one waiting. I let myself in and went through the 10-min breathing routine as he listened. Two more minutes and I’d have probably dozed off. Oh well. I got a prescription, instructions and after paying him 4 Gandhis, I headed back home. I even managed to buy curd and some dosa batter – because neither of us had the urge or energy to make or consume more than that.

By the time I got home, the fever hit me again and after putting things away hurriedly, I got into bed and covered up….and settled down to play the waiting game. It would be nice to have my voice back – all I can manage now is a croak.

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