Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


I was the proud recipient of five coconuts over the last two weeks, thanks to haldi kumkum for the festivals gone by, Mi.

5 wasn’t a big number to go donate to the ashram, like we used to, those days. I remembered how we’d collect 15-odd coconuts and go give them at the ashram. I decided I would grate and store the coconuts, what with so much being said and read about the benefits of this wonder fruit. Yeah, what we already knew, we are reminded of via health marketing!

So I procrastinated for days before a spurt of energy fueled me, making it somehow urgent in my mind. Oh wait, I did have the ‘flu and tackling the coconuts was not even the last thing on my mind.

Anyway, today was the day and after winding up cooking in the morning, I sedately collected them all on the counter, washed them one by one thoroughly, cleared the edge of the sink and got going. One after the other, I cracked them. Then laboriously separated the kernel from the shell. I remembered how you used to be impressed at how I always managed to crack the coconut in exact halves.

Those days we used to use that wooden plank with the sickle, whose edge had a serrated edge to grate the coconut. Then we graduated to that rotary grater, where one of us would hold the stand down while the other turned the handle with the coconut half in place. I never liked that you know! I prefer our present method best. Cut the kernel out, and swish it in the mixer grinder!

So I grated two coconuts and packed them off into the freezer. Did you know 250 grams of grated coconut costs something like Rs.80? I was shocked!

And then there were three coconuts.

I made poornam out of one and a half for Sury. This time I cleverly added a quarter glass of milk and was thrilled to see that the poornam did not stick to the vessel! Turned out great.

And then there was grated coconut from 1.5 coconuts left.

Guess what I did! Chutney! Oh yum. I carefully stored it in the steel container in the freezer, dreaming of several helpings with various dishes.

Later in the afternoon when I thought I’d have some with roti, I found it was hard as a rock. I tried prying some of it loose with a knife, and only broke the knife’s blade! Ugh.

So I decided to delay my gratification until dinner time, when the chutney would have enough time to thaw. I should have just left it in the fridge, no? Ah well. The irony is, I managed to chip my finger and injure the skin!

Anyway, the silver lining was – at dinner time the chutney was perfectly thawed and I had a feast with dosas, relishing it to my heart’s content.! I missed you so much!

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