Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


One by one, our neighbors are saying goodbye, Mi. To the pigeons’ rule over their balconies. I am feeling a teeny bit envious because just two days back we scraped our balcony floor and filled a little bag with the proceeds. The paint is slowly wearing off thanks to the chemical composition of the pigeons’ excreta.

Wondering whether we should go for the net which is cheaper, or a proper grill, which is costlier, but well worth it, I am thinking.

Remember how we fantasized about converting part of the balcony into an extension of the bedroom and making it a reading nook for Vidur? Who knows, we might actually be able to reclaim our living space now. I can dream, can’t I? I have visions of a nice seat there where we can cozy up with a book and enjoy the early morning and evening sun. Perhaps some plants like we used to have. How excited we were when that cream colored hibiscus and blue changupushpam bloomed!

I would really love to have a little garden with small pots and grow chilies and other easy stuff. Those days Church Street used to have an outlet of Indo American Hybrid Seeds where miniature plant pots used to be sold.  Hmm.

I am watching that movie with Parthiban and Murli where they get cheated by a guy who promises to send them to Dubai, and then the two of them go to each others’ houses, pretending that the other sent him to check on his family. I remember how much we enjoyed that movie decades ago – and was surprised to find it is just as enjoyable now. It has that song “karuppu thaan enakku pudicha kalaru” – what fun it was to sing that song totally out of context!

Today I also napped for a while in the afternoon, Mi. Very refreshing. I am happy that my cough is on the verge of sayng bye-bye to me. It is crazy how it prolongs long after the course of medication is over.

At least I’ve been able to enjoy my coffee, Mi. Life is so much better with coffee!

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