Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


A bit of self-affirmations today, Mi. It has been an eventful day. But as you’d love to say, not without the silver linings – can’t let them get past me, right?

Shelve your history
Let your imagination
take wing. Life awaits.

Step out of your past
Learn from your mistakes. Move on.
Embrace the future

Forget the spilled milk
Learn to let go. Recognize
Your true potential

I wrote that in your voice.

I need to hear it today.

That’s all!

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Vidya Sury

Writer, Editor, Blogger, Influencer. I blog/create content for businesses and edit manuscripts for authors and publishers. On my blogs, I write about all the things I enjoy in life: parenting, personal development, health and wellness, books, food, travel, gratitude, mindfulness, happiness. In my free time I play with my dust bunnies and show my diabetes who's boss.

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