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Dough Vs. Batter

vidya sury coffee with mi

I am building my recipes as I go. It feels quite funny. Yesterday I thought I’d make roti and subzi. So I chopped onions and cabbage with the intention of mixing it with the flour for dough to make a two-in-one one dish meal supplemented with salad and curd. Then...


Washing Up Can Wait!

coffee with mi vidya sury

So I was standing in the kitchen, eyeing the overflowing sink I was too lazy to empty last night, Mi. Well, the water was ice cold and I didn’t fancy a late night date with the dirty dishes. Also, I was highly encouraged by my procrastination partners to leave it...


Cutting Coffee

  • fulka

Gasp! What? Why? Don’t be so alarmed, Mi. ​So I just found a way to enjoy my morning coffee, twice. You know how we used to think that the subsequent cups never tasted like the first one? Haha. I’ve hacked that by splitting the first mega-tumbler into two parts. Then...


Cooking It Up

Know what? I am in the mood to cook and experiment and am enjoying the results, Mi. Who knew you passed on the talent via osmosis to me? Ha ha!. I was telling T that on the phone yesterday and she laughed her head off. But seriously, being a helper...

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