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Not So Tech Savvy

In fact, quite tech un-savvy.

So I had laptop problems today. And you know what an utter waste of time it is to try sorting it out, not to mention the hours of frustration trying to read stuff in forums where some people seem to know everything and finally ending up without the answers. Then crying a little. Then praying. Then restarting and nearly willing the system to start!

Okay, so all that didn’t work today. Today was special. I really tried to shut it down and move away to take my mind off it – but that was easier said than done. I was grateful I had the iPad to browse solutions but none of those worked, as usual. I tried the only thing I knew, a system restore, and that failed. I wasn’t close to tears yet, though, so what does that say about me? Also, I calmly made myself a cup of coffee. Coffee solves everything, no? I also prayed.

Finally, the system came on. But not without its issues. Bah! By now, I am fed up and ready to move on.

Today’s Onam by the way. Our neighbor kindly brought me a bowl of avial. Yum! I know I’ll make avial again soon. Also, what healthier veg dish to eat! As it is I am fretting over my high sugar levels. Yes, I know the trick is not to fret. Again, easier said than done. I am trying hard though. Plenty to do around the house. Although I do have a coconut ready. Will probably make it next week when I enjoy veg shopping at the new chappie’s.

I remember how Paati used to make payasam for Onam. I loved how she celebrated all festivals, regardless of whether we had them or not, Mi. I am glad you did the same. I want to howl when I think that Vidur won’t be home for any festival this year. Oh well, so I’ll celebrate them when he IS here. Simple as that. Won’t be the first time we’ve shifted a date to suit our convenience. Ah, the Amendment! Always works.

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    pps… Tech problems suck! My Computersaurus Rex is nearly seven years old, and showing her age

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