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Fine Threads

I ordered a couple of blouses online while browsing a site I visit regularly, Mi. I am using your blouses, but I am missing a black and red. I ordered two sizes too large because the fit is better for me in terms of neck depth and blouse height when i alter it by running a couple of stitches down the sides. If I order the right size and raise my arms, the length stops short of …ugh…you know what! Peekaboo. Ewwww. And the thought of looking for a tailor makes me shudder!

You would have loved the fit of these blouses Mi – the sleeve length is just the way you like it. Nice material too. I fondly remember those days in Asiad Colony when that cute guy who started going to tailoring classes wanted to experiment and I volunteered. What a wonderful decision that turned out to be! I wonder what he’s doing now.

I’ve been lucky with tailors, no? First, Shabbir. Hahahaha! How he made me run around for my clothes! So much so, even after I had collected them, I’d stop at his shop by habit! Then, the blouse guy in Asiad Colony. What a fab tailor he was! Remember how we got some salwar /churidar kurtas stitched by His & Hers in Blue Star? Gosh, how I loved that yellow silk material you got me! You had such a keen eye for the right material!

Then, again Shabbir when we returned to Hyderabad. The china silk salwars are still my go-to for most kurtas. I’ve long since given away the kurtas from the set. Finally, Janubhai here. So sad he went back to his home town! But not before he helped me convert several saris into great salwar/churidar suits! Still have 3-4 I really love wearing.

Did I tell you that Ethnic is now a mega store and also has an outlet closer to our place? I recently gave away the kurtas we got there 15 years ago. Jai Kanchi cotton – looks so good even after so many years of wash and wear.

Mmm. Me and my clothes fetish. I really have to reogranize the storage. I am still clearing out the cream cupboard and use it for my clothes so that I can free up the “tower” for Vidur’s books as promised to him. I am determined to finish it before Navratri or Oct first week whichever is earlier. I bet you miss my “whichever is earlier/later” lines!

Life goes on, eh?

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