Went shopping today, Mi. Okay that’s a euphemism for what I went. I strolled 9th cross today and was just thinking of our flowerlady when I just stopped, midstride, frozen. For, what I saw was a neat row of crates with veggie along the sidewalk. New development while we were away, apparently! Luscious veggies and cheap! The yellow and red capsicum were just Rs.50 per kilogram. I was so excited, then I remembered that I already had veggies at home. But hey, perishables and consumables, right? Anyway, delightful news as I’d rather take a walk and buy veggies than wait in line at the supermarket. Hmm. That’s the news.
I felt pretty stupid because I ordered some veggies online in a hurry and got it home-delivered. Dumbass-est thing I did was to get a box of cut greens. Who does that? Well I did. Temptation you know. And lesson learned, because one, I know it is idiotic to wash cut greens and I obviously couldn’t use this without washing it. Then? the amount of cleaning and discarding the thick stalks I had to do wasn’t funny. Methi was cut with the stalks. So crazy. I was completely freaked out by the time I was done with it. Never again.
Then I met Madhavamma and we chatted for a while. You should see her now – all jazzed up in a festive sari with a larger range of flowers. Funny how she and I are bound by our sadness and laughter. She still mentions you every time, you know. And always remarks how she lost her son a year after I lost you. Sigh.
I love how it is alway a pleasure to walk around our area. Always a process of discovery. And reminiscing of those days when we enjoying just strolling and looking at the unique ware only this market seems to offer. Many changes, but the charm remains, as always. That nightie seller wasn’t to be seen the last time I walked down the road. Must have found greener pastures.
I believe I’ll make a cup of coffee as we settle down to chat.