Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Absence is one thing, Mi. Presence is even more powerful, isn’t it? No matter what, we can’t bring back your physical presence. And yet, I was pretty sure of your soothing presence when…

  • we were wishing Vidur well for his exams
  • when his results were announced and we rejoiced
  • when his school principal informed us his name was in the newspaper as a topper
  • when we visited school and every person we met waxed on poetic about what a wonderful student Vidur is
  • when we freaked out  over the distance and transportation to a faraway college. Talk about logistics coming in the way of a wonderful thing
  • when we were welcomed into a closer college with open arms for the very combination of subjects he wanted
  • when we walk on the terrace reminiscing about old times
  • when I sit and struggle to concentrate on my to-do list and try to motivate myself to carry on
  • when I decide to have a cup of coffee, see only half a glass of milk, convince myself it is enough to have a half glass of coffee, and spill part of it when I pour it out
  • when the coffee filter bubbles at me in the morning as if trying to say something, and I always hear only positive things
  • when I see a red kurta the exact shade you love and wish I could buy it and see you wear it
  • when I dream…and when I wake up
  • when I am about to check my blood sugar and feel a bit nervous
  • when I wallow in a sad memory and try to find the silver linings
  • when I smile remembering a random joke, thinking about the laughter we shared
  • when I have a wonderful experience
  • when I lay awake at night, going over the next day’s to-do list and priorities
  • when I knead the dough for the rotis and recall our conversations
  • when I chop the green cucumber you loved so much, every day
  • when I pick vegetables in the market and see your favorite brinjal
  • when I look at myself in the mirror and see traces of you
  • when I pack Vidur’s box while we argue what he’s going to wear to college today
  • when the doorbell rings and I am delighted to see him back home earlier than expected
  • when the courier arrives with books we’ve ordered for Vidur
  • when Tanu calls and we talk for hours
  • when I see the evening sky changing its colors as the birds fly across
  • when I feel a little terrified at the thought of...I can’t even say it now.

Sometimes, I am not sure how strong I am, Mi.

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Vidya Sury

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2 thoughts on “Presence

  1. She would have been so proud of her boy all grown up and all!
    And lady, why do you doubt your strength? Hugs!

  2. Hello Vidya. I have been reading your blog since few months. I have read every single post you write.I do not want to miss a lesson by not reading them.You inspire me so much. So much emotion and so much love and compassion in your words. Gratitude and giving back are your keys words that I have been following your footsteps. You are an awesome being ma’am. All the best to Vidur for the new challenges at college:) One day I want to meet you and spend sometime sipping coffee with you.:)


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