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Dragging My Feet

Summer is upon us, Mi. Remember I said I was in kitchen cleaning mode? Thanks to acquiring an oven, which needs a good chunk of place on the counter, I am still at it. Yes, I used the oven and even made videos! It was fun. Realized I had forgotten to take off my flip flops in the first video. Oh well. I wish you were around to go oooh and aaaah over it. First thing I made was an eggless banana ragi chocolate cake – you would have enjoyed it!

On the flip side, what I thought would take 2 days has stretched to a week! The dining table is still half full, like my coffee tumbler. The kitchen, however is shaping up. I really wanted to repaint it you know. But I was disgusted to find that I no longer have the stamina to tackle it all myself. Yes, Sury and Vidur would certainly help, but I’d be a crazy nut to expect that at this time when exams are on and it is a busy time for all concerned.

Also, disinfecting has to be done at safe times when no one is around and that is setting me back some time. Oh well. No pressure here. With the regular work, housework and other trivia that’s always there to fill time and space, I really don’t know how to make extra time. Sometimes it seems like we’re living by Murphy’s laws.

Still, no complaints. After all, into each life must some rain fall and right now, that drizzle is welcome.

So as we plod on, we’re gearing up for the next three months. I for my part am hoping to clear that clutter pronto. Yes, I am armed with my lists. I am tired of figuring out what to do with most of it. So now I am packing and labeling stuff to give away. Which reminds me, I must pack some saris for Chen’s sis, who now collects the garbage every day. Pleasant thing, she is! Always has a smile when she rings the bell.

Mmm. Annnnyway, I have miles to go before I sleep and lots of coffee to drink.

Stay with me, Mi. Sit on my shoulder as my guardian angel. Make me laugh!

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3 thoughts on “Dragging My Feet

  1. I have been planning to clean my fridge for over a month now but can’t seem to find time Vidya …Oh well maybe next week 🙂

    1. Hehehe Been there, but haven’t done that, Naba. I know the feeling. And as summer envelops us, we’ll feel even less like doing it unless it is absolutely mandatory. Hugs!

  2. Lots of coffee..and sleep? How does that work 😉 And glad your oven’s fired up. Bake me some cookies, Vids:) Or cake.

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