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Can Never Tell

With life, we can never tell, can we, Mi? And people, of course.

But before I get to our coffee and our chat, just wanted to tell you that on Feb 8, besides being shocked that we spent five years without you, we organized lunch at Seva Sadan. The rest of the day, somehow we kind of hung out together. Funny no? Made us feel good. Later in the evening, we went to see a dance performance at the Nandi temple. The temple festival is on and this weekend’s venue was our area. Vidur was keen on waching the Kathak and Odissi, so we went. We had a fabulous time. You would have loved it – open air, natural stage and stunning performances. Best part was the walking distance from our place and home in time for dinner.

I was musing on Feb 8 last year, when I went for the full health check and discovered the diabetes. You know, I am cool with it now. I just think I went through the classic process of denial, the why-me and then acceptance followed by action. Luckily I went through it pretty fast and got adjusted. The bonus is actually a much healthier lifestyle for all of us since we are now very conscious about ourselves.

On Feb 9, Vidur presented us with a beautiful poem in English and Braj bhasha – I know you are smiling as you read this. He hounded us about what we wanted – and we couldn’t think of anything we didn’t already have. So I told him that a poem would be the best thing ever, which is actually true. He sweetly read it out to us and naturally, I was sitting in a puddle of tears. The boy can write, Mi. Has such a lovely way with words! Remember all the little verses he would come up with so quickly? I am so glad you enjoyed his talent.

Later in the evening we were undecided whether to go out to eat because it is exam time and we didn’t want to risk tummy trouble. Then finally we thought we’d order something from our favorite place and enjoy it at home together, which is what we did. And thus went our 18th wedding anniversary.

I called G-mama on Feb 8 as I couldn’t connect the previous day to wish them – and I was surprised to see no one mentioned you. Not that anyone called us to wish us, except a couple of friends. We seem to have ceased to exist for our “close” family, Mi. Sigh. And when mama called on 9th Feb, he was very disapproving that we hadn’t gone to a temple. Bwahahaha. Going on Feb 8 counts no? Bah! So anyway, we also made a trip to Chitrakala Parishath. Check out my photo there – don’t you love the kalamkari kurta?

vidya sury

I am living by the credo of service to mankind is service to God, as you always believed and intend to do so for as long as I live. I see no reason to display my devotion and faith by visiting a temple. We have a shrine at home and I find that good enough. I would rather give and be of service to those that need it. Hmm.

I feel rather dull today and am trying to quietly tackle my list. Who knows I might even take a nap today. Go ahead, smile!

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4 thoughts on “Can Never Tell

  1. Mi must be chuckling right along with you on the temple scene 🙂 That kurta looks fabulous on you! Why don’t you gift me one just like that? 😉

  2. I think she would have agreed with you that one needn’t advertise one’s devotion…I love your kurta too Vidya ..Take care …

  3. Bah! I can well relate to this sentiment 🙂 Service to mankind is the biggest form of worship. Do what you believe in!
    Belated Happy anniversary! You are looking so graceful 🙂

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