Mi, the past few days have been like a roller-coaster. And the closer I get to my birthday (yeah yeah, your little girl will be one year closer to older). And definitely wiser. Because Life is too short not to recognize how awesome I am. Yes, I am working on my self-love and yes, yes, I know nobody deserves my love more than I do.

What I really want to tell you right now – I’ll get to the life updates over the next few days – is this.

Life is too short to

  • Listen to others crap over me or my stuff
  • Feel bad about the past
  • Cry over the future
  • Miss the glory of the present
  • Worry over what others might think
  • Think before I utter every word, wondering how it might sound
  • Sound too positive for my own good. I am human too and need to vent
  • Regret anything but very few things that are justified
  • Sit and indulge in wishful thinking. Actions speak.
  • Delay writing that book / those books
  • Not make me a priority. It is my life, after all
  • Spend time with people who don’t make me happy
  • Pay attention to negative talk
  • Heed my inner critic
  • Avoid calling a spade a spade – that used to be my specialty, remember?
  • Hold myself back from telling it like it is
  • Stop myself from doing the things I want to do
  • Keep myself from indulging in being nice to myself
  • Restrain myself from enjoying myself
  • Feel guilty about my mistakes. I am learning, aren’t I?

As I said, I’ll get to the detailed stuff later, but the headlines for today? I plan to focus more on the I me myself, my health and my writing. Because I’ve promises to keep. I have miles to go before I sleep. And see what I am making for myself, Mi!

About time, eh?

life is too short to

Now…to live it 😀


Today I am also celebrating World Gratitude Day. Yup!

I, Me and Myself – I thought it would be impossible for me to write for this prompt – but I remembered my motto – impossible is nothing – and got right down to it. Indeed, I, me and myself are not interchangeable. At the highest level, they are the same!